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    by Published on 07-14-2019 10:50 AM
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    2. iRacing,
    3. eSports

    Please tune in tonight July 14th at 7pm CST (Chicago) as cmsracing.com community members Peter Hebron, Jose D'Oleo, Paul Slanovik, Leif Peterson, and Miguel Alcrudo compete and represent CMS in the iRacing 2.4 hours of Spa Special Major Series!!! This is an invitational format and we are excited and proud of our drivers that have made the top split. Also congrats to other drivers for CMS which are also participating in the series as well by invite in split 2.

    by Published on 07-11-2019 10:12 AM
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    2. rF2 World Division

    I am very excited to announce after it being long overdue that we are returning the Champion World Division to Action!!!! Alex Skinner is joining CMS to help run and facilitate an amazing World Championship Based off British GT3/GT4 Championships using Raceroom Experience! Much more info coming soon, but mark your Saturdays for these races. They will be in prime time UK time and in the mid to late morning USA times on Saturdays.

    by Published on 07-08-2019 10:04 AM
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    2. iRacing,
    3. eSports

    Four Weeks into the 2019 iRacing Season 3 VRS GT3 Endurance Championship continues to see the CMS team advancing up the standings. After another solid performance this week at Watkins Glen our Delta/CMS Team 1 now finds themselves in 7th position overall in the standings, a very strong effort. The CMS Alpha Team is also doing well in 24th position overall. This Championship sees 300+ more entries and regular teams that race with strong fields each week.

    The CMS Delta Team preying on a Mercedes at Watkins Glen (pictured above)

    As we move forward this week it will be a critical one as the team will be heading to Spa early and in advance of the 24 hour race later this month. This week and weekend they will get significant and important early practice at the famous Spa circuit. Drivers will get to run individually this week in the CMS League Race, and then again this weekend in the Round 5 race for three hours. This should prove to be a very beneficial testing opportunity for the larger race that looks as if CMS will field up to two of our Ferrari GT3 entries.

    Stay tuned for further updates on the teams progress and to get involved with us simply stop by the CMS Endurance Team for iRacing section on the forums here at CMS or our discord.
    by Published on 07-07-2019 03:51 PM
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    2. Rallying,
    3. Members,
    4. eSports

    We are very pleased to announce that continuing with our theme of esports teams representing Champion Motorsports that we have a newly formed Dirt Rally 2.0 team which will be competing as a team in various events to represent our community. The Dirt Rally 2.0 team has recently started competing in the Codies DirtY Discord Championship as our first venture. A bit about the team and drivers and a preview of our livery that we hope for everyone to see much more of as we begin to publish and report on results:

    Thomas Lambaerts, from Westerlo Belgium. 36years old. Pc (steam) racer for over 25 years. Currently using an aging g27. I am just sitting at my ikea desk. There are plans to build something better with a car seat like Lutz but nothing yet.

    Lutz MŁller from Recklinghausen, Germany. 41 years old. Platform is Steam, I use a Logitech G920 wheel with Logitech pedals & H-shifter. Installed in a self-build aluminium-rig with old Porsche Recaro Seat and large TV.

    Erik BÝhren from Oslo, Norway. 27 Years old. Iím using Steam to do my simracing and has been doing that for the last 4 years. Iím currently using an xbox one controller, but Iím looking into getting a wheel when the economy allows for it. I don't have much of a race setup but as long as I have a good chair Iím good to go.

    David Anderson from Denton, Texas. 46 Years old. I use a Fanatec DD1 Wheel Base with A nice Oval wheel for rallying. I consider myself the leader of the team in spirit, but as far as rally craft I have a lot to learn from these great rallyists surrounding me. I race on Steam ...

    The team is awaiting results from Sweden from our first Race and will share more information as we have it in upcoming events.
    by Published on 07-07-2019 11:12 AM
    1. Categories:
    2. Rallying

    Guys I am posting this in the main forums to bring awareness. Two things.

    1. Our Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship hosted by CMS starts tomorrow! These are incredibly fun. You get a lot of time, ~10 days to complete each rally. All the details you need to know are at this area of the forums https://cmsracing.com/champion/forum...lly-2-0-League

    2. The game is absolutely a sim, has received quite a few patches since release (not out of the norm these days), which have improved wheel dynamics and many other things. It is also on sale right now for really cheap for another day or two on the Steam Summer Sale ... it is literally 50% off right now. Here is a link. https://store.steampowered.com/app/6...DiRT_Rally_20/ ...

    pick up the game and come join us!

    also all you have to do to start racing is join our CLUB at https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/183582/ ... it's that simple! Join and rally tomorrow when the event opens and we will take care of the rest! Enjoy and let's do this!
    by Published on 07-07-2019 09:55 AM
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    2. Sports Cars,
    3. eSports

    The Champion Motosports team had a very fitting and positive end to the race today at Interlagos in memory of Angelo. We were competing in our BMW GTE M8 car in the P1 Gaming PLMS Championship. We started off the morning with Vince and Matthew trying to tame a very difficult car to drive with the back end twitchy and the car giving us all we could handle on the track. About 3.5 hours in we made a big change to tire compound and pressure in the rears of the car. It was a huge help and we were much more confident and able to begin running times consistent with the lead cars. JT Tami made some great laps and put David Anderson in position to drive 2 solid and clean stints at the end. We were able to run down from multiple laps behind the car ahead of us and take the last points position. About halfway through the race the P1 Media team interviewed David Anderson on the stream to pay a tribute to Angelo dos Santos who we had dedicated our teams efforts to for this event. This was Angelo's home track and unfortunately we lost him earlier this year. Angelo was a long time member of Champion Motorsports (since 2010) and very active in our series and community. He will be forever missed on the virtual track with us.

    RIP Angelo dos Santos

    Full video recap of race including CMS Tribute to Angelo dos Santos near halfway point

    Last two stints of David Anderson's drive for Angelo do Santos in the BMW GTE M8 at Interlagos

    Watch cmsracing.com at P1 Gaming 8 Hour Interlagos for Angelo dos Santos from davidantx on www.twitch.tv
    by Published on 07-04-2019 10:55 AM
    1. Categories:
    2. iRacing

    Congratulations to Samuel Scott for his win in round 3 of the CMS iRacing MX 5 Series! This race came from Limerock Park!!! Enjoy the awesome 10 minute highlight video here .... and come out and join us for this amazing Weds Night Series which resumes on the track again after July 4th holidays!

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