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    by Published on 12-31-2018 05:32 PM
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    Here are our winners from the Autumn 2018 rFactor 2 Sportscar Series here at Champion Motorsports with their trophies! Congratulations to JT and Eric!!! ...
    by Published on 12-31-2018 05:20 PM
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    Hi all! Earlier this summer I did my first track day in my 350z at Carolina Motorsports Park. I was instantly hooked and knew I had to find a way to get out there wheel to wheel with other racers. I had always toyed with the idea of spec miata, spec 944, and spec e30, but after spending the weekend with some e30 guys and watching the racing I knew that's the direction I was going to go. I wanted to move quickly on the car so I could work my way towards my competition license in the e30 as I learned the car. I cleaned up my Z really nice and put it on the market. I got a call the same day and it was sold the same week! I talked to some e30 guys and found a guy that was selling his race ready e30 to make room for his e46 build. Now I officially own a race car!

    So now I've done some HPDE events as I work my way towards my competition license. I'm expecting to do my competition license check ride in March. I'm so freaking excited to be starting the journey. I'll do periodic updates and let you know how it goes!

    Published on 12-02-2018 09:32 PM
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    NARS Background

    The North America Racing Series, or NARS has been a longtime racing series at CMS. But as the woes with rFactor2 evolved and drivers schedules got crazier, so did the enthusiasm for the Thursday Night events intended to appeal to the Americas audience for its "after work" evening race times. The double-digit race grid diminished as the series got deep in races. By the end of a series, NARS was getting down to a few cars and drivers. The bleeding needed to stop.

    NARS Triage

    David Anderson, the creator and proprietor of Champion Motorsports decided
    by Published on 11-28-2018 11:41 PM
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    2. iRacing

    Tune in live in December 5th for the 2 Hours of Daytona special event from Champion Motorsports/TXL at Daytona International Speedway Roadcourse. We will be using the new iRacing Day/to/Night transitions with a team based event of 60 total cars/drivers. It's going to be an epic event you don't want to miss.

    by Published on 11-22-2018 11:04 PM
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    2. Assetto Corsa

    We are very excited to announce and launch a new racing night and simulation here at Champion Motorsports. We will be unveiling a great league for our members on Monday Nights beginning in early January 2019 with the highly anticipated Assetto Corsa Competizione. You may sign up at the following link on the forums:

    ACC Monday Night League Unveil and Sign-up
    by Published on 11-22-2018 10:00 PM
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    Open for business!

    From now until Friday, December 14th at 7 PM EST you get to show your mettle (or metal) at the toughest track in the world. And if you're fast enough, you get bragging rights and the pole position for the upcoming Special Event - Ten Laps of The Green Hell.

    As announced previously, you can run either the Porsche or the BMW GTE car from the Studio 397 Endurance Pack.

    Read the server settings carefully so you understand what is going on...

    Server Name: "CMS Nords Hotlap & Qual".
    The time is set for 11:00 AM and will not advance in time.
    Password: no password on the server.
    Practice: no practice session.
    Qualifying: 60 minutes.
    Warm up: no warm up session.
    Race: unfortunately the server cannot be disabled for a 2 lap race -- rest, work on setups, or drive it until the server restarts with qualifying.
    You cannot advance the server. This is so someone on a hotlap does not lose their time due to an errant server advancement by another driver.

    You are welcome to try as many times as you want to obtain the fastest hotlap.
    Results will be monitored in the "top 200" fastest laps section of LiveRacers Link: http://cmsracing-com.liveracers.com/...lap%20&%20Qual

    On Friday, December 14th at 7 PM EST the server will be closed and the bragging starts! Those who want to run the Ten Laps of The Green Hell need to just show up on race day and be on the server at the time designated in the event thread. Anyone who does not run the Hotlap competition is welcome to run the Ten Laps race, but you will start at the back of the grid.

    Good Luck!
    by Published on 11-20-2018 06:43 PM
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    2. Assetto Corsa,
    3. eSports

    We are pleased to announce the 2018 Champion Motorsports Holiday Hot lap Contest! We will be using Assetto Corsa Competizione, available now on Steam Early Access! Always a fun tradition here at Champion Motorsports to see who can take the bragging rights during the Holiday Months and post some smoking times! The winner of the contest will receive a $10.00 USD Steam Gift Card at the end of the contest. Contest runs from the time of this post until January 6th. Entries, times will not be accepted after January 6th.

    Here are the details and rules, it's real simple to participate. Simply follow the guidelines below and post in this thread your times:

    1. we are doing this on the honor system - please be honest and don't ruin it for others
    2. Sim Assetto Corsa Competizione (Early Access)
    3. Pick a "single" car from the BMW, Bentley, or Lamborghini and drive your fastest single "hot lap" mode lap on all 3 GP Circuit Tracks (Nurburgring, Paul Ricard, and Misano).
    4. Your combined time from the single car at all 3 tracks will be summed up and that's your score for the overall contest.
    5. If the "Ferrari" and "Hungaroring" are released on or before December 12th they will be added to the contest, if after December 12th they will be excluded from the contest.
    6. Drivers may enter the contest in multiple cars. You are not limited to only one car. However, each car is restricted to it's best lap at the 3 tracks. No super-scoring will be allowed. For example if you choose the BMW and submit it's best 3 laps, you can do a second entry with the Bentley. They will be scored separately.
    7. Drivers are subject to show proof, replays of their lap times at any time if asked by a CMS admin.
    8. Drivers setting a lap time in the top 3 at any of the tracks are asked where possible to make a YouTube video of their in cockpit lap and share with the group so we can enjoy it, learn from it, etc. We will also share these laps on the main page of the website to give the driver exposure! So save those replays and be ready to make some YouTube videos for us!
    9. Open Setups are allowed and we encourage sharing this is a friendly contest

    Game Settings Should be setup as follows:

    Game Mode = Hot lap
    Day/night Time = 16:00
    Weather = clear
    Realism = Any allowed (Pro or Higher encouraged)
    Assists = Any allowed (Realism encouraged)
    See the 2nd Post in this Thread for an example entry submission table/template

    At the end of the contest we will announce the winner and distribute the gift card! To be eligible for the prize you have to be a registered cmsracing.com forum user in good standing with the community!

    good-luck and have fun everyone, and by all means post here with questions if you need help.

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