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    by Published on 01-04-2019 07:04 PM
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    2. Special Events,
    3. Assetto Corsa

    Congratulations to Dion Faraos for winning our Annual Holiday Hotlap Contest! The contest is always so much fun around the month of December and this year was no exception. We ran with Assetto Corsa Competizione which is currently in Steam Early access, and the challenge was to pick a single car and run four hotlaps at the included tracks, with your overall combined time from each counting. Dion was amazingly fast and took the crown by 3 seconds over Mihaly Martin. Tom Dilbero had a very strong showing to round out 3rd. Here are the complete results and a video of one of Dion's hotlaps from the contest!

    Driver Name Car Misano Nurburgring Paul Ricard Hungaroring Total Time
    Dionsyi Faraos Ferrari GT3 01:36.7 01:55.3 01:56.8 01:45.3 07:14.1
    Mihaly Martin Ferrari GT3 01:37.5 01:55.6 01:58.4 01:46.3 07:17.8
    Tom Dilibero BMW GT3 01:36.9 01:57.6 01:57.2 01:47.3 07:19.0
    Larry Thomas BMW GT3 01:38.0 01:57.5 01:58.7 01:47.6 07:21.8
    David Anderson Bentley GT3 01:38.8 01:58.5 01:59.2 01:47.3 07:23.8
    JT Tami Lambo GT3 01:38.4 01:59.6 01:58.8 01:48.1 07:24.9
    Jorge Rivera BMW GT3 01:40.3 02:00.6 02:01.3 01:49.2 07:31.4
    Warren McGary Lambo GT3 01:39.6 02:01.4 02:00.7 01:49.8 07:31.5

    Take a look at one of the winning hotlaps from Dion here on youtube from Nurburgring

    by Published on 01-03-2019 04:48 PM
    1. Categories:
    2. Rallying

    This past season CMS managed to sign enough drivers to get two rally teams in the Richard Burns rally online championships.

    20 rallydrivers to represented CMS in simrally. Torbjørn Withbro led Team PoR and Gene Hancock led Team PoR2

    Press On! Rallysport (team 1)

    This season team PoR was led by Torbjørn Withbro and was in the top league. During season we had a very strong team with drivers from ten different countries. Magnar Haarstadsveen, Timon Soovik, Alexander Schulz was the lead drivers that took the most points and some very strong overall wins. We had 12 drivers that contributed to this team. Some of them changed between our two teams during season.

    The team finished on 7th place in League 1. Good driving by the whole team.

    Driver Stablepoints
    magnar 9825
    T.Soovik 6774
    ekstatiker 5989
    torwith 4822
    Majkl 3222
    Fattis 2952
    BOKOV Sergey 2027
    Rico Evers 2003
    Navitori 1911
    TEMERUEZ 1868
    GAS 1490
    Markus A. 1127

    Torbjørn at Rally Acropolis Rally 2018 ERC SS10

    Bokov Sergey in his superlada in Hradek

    Press On! Rallysport II (team 2)

    Gene Hancock lead this team with many good drivers. The most important part of the rally season is placing in as many rally for points as possible. Was placed 8th in leauge 2.

    Sergey(gres), Alexandr and Damir were the highest scorers in PoR II.

    gres 6231
    AlexandreS 4905
    DamirNYK 3675
    Kinggene 3113
    bumpkin 2799
    try-berserk 2268
    BOKOV Sergey 1458
    deceda 1160
    Raceology 1013
    Markus A. 670
    Freeman1998 438

    Video from Damirs Ford Fiesta R5 PoR2

    Gene Hancock and Torbjørn Withbro
    by Published on 12-31-2018 05:46 PM
    1. Categories:
    2. Sports Cars

    Some very exciting developments and new content in the form of DLC for rFactor 2 has been announced and released in time for the holidays and beginning of 2019. Check out the informative new stream and information and announcement in this video. We will also get the opportunity to use these cars in our upcoming early 2019 rFactor 2 Thursday Night Series starting later in January ...

    by Published on 12-31-2018 05:32 PM
    1. Categories:
    2. Sports Cars,
    3. Members
    Article Preview

    Here are our winners from the Autumn 2018 rFactor 2 Sportscar Series here at Champion Motorsports with their trophies! Congratulations to JT and Eric!!! ...
    by Published on 12-31-2018 05:20 PM
    1. Categories:
    2. Members

    Hi all! Earlier this summer I did my first track day in my 350z at Carolina Motorsports Park. I was instantly hooked and knew I had to find a way to get out there wheel to wheel with other racers. I had always toyed with the idea of spec miata, spec 944, and spec e30, but after spending the weekend with some e30 guys and watching the racing I knew that's the direction I was going to go. I wanted to move quickly on the car so I could work my way towards my competition license in the e30 as I learned the car. I cleaned up my Z really nice and put it on the market. I got a call the same day and it was sold the same week! I talked to some e30 guys and found a guy that was selling his race ready e30 to make room for his e46 build. Now I officially own a race car!

    So now I've done some HPDE events as I work my way towards my competition license. I'm expecting to do my competition license check ride in March. I'm so freaking excited to be starting the journey. I'll do periodic updates and let you know how it goes!

    Published on 12-02-2018 09:32 PM
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    2. Sports Cars
    Article Preview

    NARS Background

    The North America Racing Series, or NARS has been a longtime racing series at CMS. But as the woes with rFactor2 evolved and drivers schedules got crazier, so did the enthusiasm for the Thursday Night events intended to appeal to the Americas audience for its "after work" evening race times. The double-digit race grid diminished as the series got deep in races. By the end of a series, NARS was getting down to a few cars and drivers. The bleeding needed to stop.

    NARS Triage

    David Anderson, the creator and proprietor of Champion Motorsports decided
    by Published on 11-28-2018 11:41 PM
    1. Categories:
    2. iRacing

    Tune in live in December 5th for the 2 Hours of Daytona special event from Champion Motorsports/TXL at Daytona International Speedway Roadcourse. We will be using the new iRacing Day/to/Night transitions with a team based event of 60 total cars/drivers. It's going to be an epic event you don't want to miss.

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