We are pleased to present the Champion Motorsports Tuesday Night Series for Automobilista 2 featuring the Porsche Cup Cars from Reiza!  We call this the “try out” series because we like to try out different things and right now we are focused on some of the great content with AMS2

We are proud to announce our new AMS 2 series here at CMS, where we will be racing with the outstanding Porsche Cup Cars – at world famous venues! The Porsche Cup cars in AMS2 are articulately modeled and have precision detail and physics.

The races will go as follows: Manual double file formation laps, followed by a rolling start once each driver hits the start/finish line. Tire and fuel strategy will be open to each participant to decide, so make sure to plan your pitstops ahead in a way that fits your driving style and the venue of the week. Races will happen on US Tuesday nights.

Series schedule:

11/7 – Buenos Aires #8

11/14 – Oulton Park Island

11/21 – Velopark 2017

11/28 – Ibarra


8:00PM US EST Server Reboot/Practice
8:45PM US EST Qualifying (10 minutes)
9:00PM US EST Race! (40 minutes)

More Details How to Join

To get involved visit our discord for information including race passwords, etc. We have a Tuesday Night AMS 2 Section on the Discord where you can introduce yourself and obtain additional information.