October 7, 2019 – Results of the Monza Race by classes.

Pro – A poor start from John Paul Hidalgo and Bubba Jones dropped them well down the order at the start, with Josh Staffin and Don Bélanger getting away well. Staffin was 5 seconds clear of the field until a game crash dropped him out of contention, while Jones fought his way past Keith Briscoe and Bélanger to gain 2nd place. Hidalgo then had a spin into the barriers from the lead, dropping him to 2nd. The damage from the spin proved costly as Bélanger caught and passed him towards the end, making the final order on the podium Jones, Bélanger, Hidalgo.

Silver – Dave Hassar was the only silver driver present this race. Am early error dropped him down to the back of the field, where he caught and battled with Michael Mortensen (AM) for 8th overall. After clearing Mortensen he proceeded to catch Migeul Valenzuela (AM) and Eric Andersen (AM) battling, but a mistake into T1 cost him a chance of moving further up the order. Eventually he came home in 6th overall due to Keith Briscoe (Pro) and Valenzuela (AM) running out of fuel.

AM – A mistake on lap 2 dropped Miguel Valenzuela down from the class lead to the back, but charged back to retake the class lead on lap 6. Jorge Rivera defended the class lead well to that point, covering off both Eric Andersen and Valenzuela until lap 6, where a spin threw him into the barriers and dropped him well behind the rest of the field. With Michael Mortensen fighting with Dave Hassar (Silver) down the order, the class lead was now between Andersen and Valenzuela; Valenzuela defended well, until Keith Briscoe (Pro) (who had had a spin earlier on) overtook both drivers, forcing Valenzuela to take a poor line through the 2nd chicane and giving Andersen the class lead. Andersen defended to maintain the class lead to the end, at which point Valenzuela ran out of fuel and had to back out. On lap 12, Mortensen retired to the pits, gifting 3rd in class to Rivera. The top 3 in the class were Andersen, Valenzuela, Rivera.

ACC Sprint - Monza Race 1