December 2, 2019 – With the final race done and the season complete, we’d first like to thank everyone for participating! Secondly, make sure to keep an eye on the Mondays section on CMS for news regarding season 2! Without further delay, onto the final race report of the season!

Race 2

Pro – With a 1.5 point gap between Josh Staffin in 1st and John Paul Hidalgo in 2nd, the final race of the season proved to be the championship deciding one in a controversial fashion. Hidalgo led from the start, but at the end of lap 1, Staffin broke late and touched the rear of Hidalgo, sending both off the track. Hidalgo rejoined in 2nd with Keith Briscoe taking the lead, while Staffin fell back to 4th behind Austin Vicari. Other victims of poor starts included Don Bélanger, who decided to retire on lap 1, and Bubba Jones, who collided with Ricardo Navon (Silver) and dropped the pair towards the back of the field. Staffin and Vicari’s battling allowed JT Tami (Silver) to move between the pair up into 3rd overall, with Staffin clearing Vicari for 4th on lap 3, and Tami (Silver) later on lap 4. Briscoe continued to hold Hidalgo at bay as Staffin closed in on the pair, but on lap 8 Briscoe made a mistake that allowed Hidalgo to take the lead and open a gap. Unfortunately, the incident between Hidalgo and Staffin would prove costly, as the damage eventually caught Hidalgo off-guard and sent him spinning off into the barriers on lap 10, dropping to 3rd and allowing Briscoe and Staffin a clear run to the finish. Briscoe defended flawlessly, holding off Staffin and securing the win and 4th in the Overall Championship. Staffin would come home on his tail in 2nd, taking 1st in the Overall Championship. Hidalgo completed the podium further back, resulting in 2nd in the Overall Championship.

Silver – First in the Silver Class Championship was up for grabs between JT Tami and Eric Andersen, with only 3.5 points between them. Tami led alongside Ricardo Navon at the start, fighting side-by-side until a mistake from Bubba Jones (Pro) behind caused Jones to slam into the side of Navon, dropping the Navon to 7th overall and 3rd in class behind Dominic Guerin. Tami escaped unscathed, and was able to pass Josh Staffin (Pro) and Austin Vicari (Pro) who were holding each other up, moving Tami into 3rd overall for a brief period. Eric Andersen, who had failed to set a time in qualifying 2, started 14th and was well off the class lead by the time the field settled in. On lap 9, Navon had caught up to the rear of Tami and was pressuring well. Lap 11 Andersen passed Guerin for 8th overall and 3rd in class, with a fair gap between himself and Navon. On lap 12, Navon got into the rear of Tami, pushing him into the runoff; Tami kept control of his Aston and carried on without losing further positions. Navon went on to maintain the class lead and 4th overall, and secured 3rd in the Silver Championship ahead of Dave Hassar, who struggled in both races. Tami finished 2nd in class and 5th overall, taking victory in Silver Class. Andersen finished further back, 3rd in class and 8th overall, taking 2nd in the Silver Championship.

AM – Michael Mortensen looked to maintain the points gap to Dominic Guerin (Silver) and Austin Vicari (Pro) behind. With Don Bélanger (Pro) and Dave Slee (Silver) retiring, Mortensen was promoted to 13th overall by the end of lap 1. While not quite able to match the Silvers in terms of pace, the chance for positions didn’t escape Mortensen as Steve Poe (Silver) had made an error on lap 4 that dropped him just within reach. Mortensen followed closely and attempted a move down the inside of turn 1 on lap 5, but couldn’t quite make it stick. Mortensen continued on a consistent drive to the finish, remaining 13th overall to match his 13th place in the Overall Championship, maintaining position ahead of Vicari (Pro) and Guerin (Silver).


ACC Sprint Finale – Spa Race 2