In addition to the 2024 iRTES Endurance Series, there will be a support series. The 2024 CMS iRTES Cup Series runs on alternating and selected weeks adjacent to each CMS iRTES Endurance Series round.

  • Single driver races (not team-based).
  • Same track venues as the iRTES
  • NEW for 2024: Race lengths of 15 and 45 Minutes with two rounds at each track
  • All CMS drivers are eligible to join.
  • No pre-registration.
  • The 2024 iRTES CMS Cup Series does not have an entry fee.
  • The Series will have a maximum number of 40 car slots available per race.
  • Entries are first-come, first-served for each race.
  • The weather will be variable.
  • Track state: Rubber will progress between sessions. Marbles will be cleaned after each session.
  • One Fast Repair is available.
  • No drop races. All 8 events count towards the championship.
  • Incentive – If any Driver (Max 3) accomplishes 0x incident points for all 8 races they will receive a series-end prize.


  • Rounds 1 and 2
    • January 28 = Spa GP Pits
  • Round 3 and 4
    • February 25th = Hockenheim GP
  • Rounds 5 and 6
    • April 14th = Lemans
  • Rounds 7 and 8
    • April 21st = Silverstone GP



Race day schedule:

  • Mandatory Driver’s Meeting – 15:10 GMT
  • Closed Qualifying – 15:20 GMT
  • Racing – 15:32 GMT

The server will be available one hour before qualifying for an open, elective practice session.

Race Start

  • Rolling start.
  • No weaving to warm tires.
  • The race starts in the designated start zone.
  • The polesitter determines the class speed on the pace lap.

Orange Zone

  • The start of any race and the first lap is the most likely time for incidents to occur.
  • To control avoidable contacts, first corner pile-ups, or aggressive driving habits, there will be a designated “Orange Zone” (OZ), inside which drivers are expected to be more cautious, to avoid high-consequence incidents and the potential for ending someone’s race.


  • Information will be dispersed primarily on the CMS Discord server in the CMS Team Endurance Series category.
  • Race control communications will be exclusive to the iRacing radio function. No race comms during the event will be transmitted on Discord.
  • Set your microphone to “push to talk”. If that just doesn’t work for you, PLEASE set the voice-activated audio level up considerably so your coughing, wheezing, or sim controller grinding isn’t “shared” with everyone else.
  • Abusive and/or profane in-game chat may lead to the driver receiving probation, suspension, or ban from the league.
  • Do not “call out” or argue with a competitor or race control. If you persist after being warned, microphones will be disabled in iRacing during the event.


  • Only use an Ethernet cable connection. Do not use a WiFi connection.
  • If your connection is unstable in iRacing, you will be first asked to park your car in the pits to see if it stabilizes. If the problem continues, you will be asked to disconnect from the race, reboot your computer and try to reconnect. If you still have a bad connection, as a very last resort you will be removed from the event.
  • Incidents which include netcode will not be eligible for penalties. Proximity will not count as a potential factor in penalties.
  • Cars that blink consistently will receive a warning from race control with a 5-minute countdown to resolve the connection problem. If the problem still remains, drivers will need to disconnect and reconnect to the server to attempt to clear up their connection. If the problem remains, drivers will need to retire from the race.


  • Incident point-related penalties will be applied automatically by the sim.
  • A race director may be present during each event:

a) to assign an incident penalty.

b) to clear an errant penalty.

c) to remove a car from competition in the case of connection lag, reckless, and/or retaliatory driving.

d) a violation of race comms rules.

  • An incident in the 2023 CMS iRTES Cup Series is defined as 2 or more cars making hard contact in which at least one of the cars: a) is spun, or b) is turned approximately 90 degrees to the track.
  • All penalties must be served and cleared by the iRacing AI. Remember race control does not see penalties from iRacing AI, so if a driver asks, “why did I get a penalty?” race control will not be able to advise, only that a penalty was issued.
  • Make sure you read iRacing’s FIRST Sporting Code section on how penalties are applied and how to clear penalties.
  • CMS Golden Rule – Should you spin or damage another driver by your error, consider pulling off track in a safe location and waiting for the other driver to proceed in the race. This is an elective decision, but penalties may be significantly reduced if adhered to.

Post Race Incident Race Report (IRR)

  • Drivers have 24 hours to complete and submit IRRs from the time the official race replay is posted.
  • Only the official replay may be used for IRR submission.
  • The official race replay will be posted on this page immediately within one hour of each event.
  • Download the CMS IRR form here.
  • Penalties must be served within the first three laps of the next race a driver joins.
  • Series results are not final until all IRRs have been processed.
  • The decision of the post-race IRR review group is final.


There will be one championship in the series.

The short race format will pay points as follows:

9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 down to 40 positions

The long race format will pay points as follows:

1st place – 35 points
2nd place – 32 points
3rd place – 30 points
4th place – 28 points
5th place – 26 points
6th place – 25 points
7th place – 24 points
8th place – 23 points
9th place – 22 points
10th place – 21 points
11th place – 20 points
12th place – 19 points
13th place – 18 points
14th place – 17 points
15th place – 16 points
16th place – 15 points
17th place – 14 points
18th place – 13 points
19th place – 12 points
20th place – 11 points
21st place – 10 points
22nd place – 9 points
23rd place – 8 points
24th place – 7 points
25th place – 6 points
26th place – 5 points
27th place – 4 points
28th place – 3 points
29th place – 2 points
30th > 40th place – 1 point