2023 MNRL Club Series

It’s the dawn of a new era in North American stock car racing.  7 years before the infamous Yarborough/Allison fight on national TV rocketed these racers to stardom, America’s favorite motorsport had been steadily gaining popularity.  Cars were heavily modified and no longer “stock”.  But most importantly, the year marked the first time the series had garnered a title sponsor: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  A controversial affair as tobacco advertising had been banned on TV at that point and the cigarette company found the sport to be a fertile field to hock its wares off the air (and on-air as billboards were still allowed).

The top class of cars was known as the Grand National series and inherited the title Winston Cup starting in the 71 season.  The Grand National title would shift to the next lower-tier class (Late Model Sportsman), later being sponsored by Busch.  One of the side effects of the Winston Cup was there was a push for more prestige and TV exposure.  To that end, in 1972, many of the smaller dirt track rounds were dropped and there was a focus on bigger speedways, a new points structure, larger purses, and culling the schedule from 48 events to just 31.

This would be Richard Petty’s first year with his iconic sponsor, STP.  Bobby Allison started racing his Chevrolet.  AJ Foyt would take his famous Purolator car to a Daytona 500 victory the same weekend Raymond Hassler would lose his life qualifying for that race.  David Pearson would also give the Wood Bros a win at Talladega.  Many of the greats would bang doors at ridiculous speeds with no more than steel and hope between themselves and a potentially life-ending crash.  This was the year when Mercury and Chevy (who ultimately won the title) had a slugging match while AMC, Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, Buick, and Oldsmobile all battled behind them.

Join us for an epoch in stockcar racing as we take on NASCAR’s 1972 Winston Cup.

All links and additional information is on the Champion Motorsports Discord


Stock Car Resurrection by Toby featuring 6 makes and 7 models.  All cars have the same physics.

CMS Safety Car


Daytona International Speedway
Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Atlanta International Raceway
Bristol International Speedway
Darlington Raceway
Martinsville Speedway
Dover Downs International Speedway
Michigan International Speedway
Riverside International Raceway
Texas World Speedway
Alabama International Motor Speedway
Nashville Speedway

Please subscribe to the MNRL workshop item to get non-Steam tracks automatically and check it to confirm Steam Workshop tracks are subscribed.


Registration is not required but you can register at Grid Finder.  All drivers are expected to have completed the following:

  • Read the CMS General Competition Rules (available on CMS Discord)
  • Read the series & race briefings (this page and on CMS Discord)
  • Install the required mods
  • Join the server and confirm connection is working properly
  • Practice adequately to ensure competent control of the car

Driver Classes

Cars are listed as PRO and AM classes on the selection screen.  Drivers are free to choose their class based on their skill level and ability to prepare. Please note that all cars perform the same, regardless of class.

Drivers who consistently finish in the top half of their races or are capable of competing for overall wins should classify themselves as PRO. All other drivers should classify themselves as AM.  This ensures good competition within the classes.  Admins may reassign a drivers’ class and points based on performance during the season.


  • PRO Drivers Championship
  • AM Drivers Championship
  • PRO Teams Championship
  • AM Teams Championship
  • Silver Cup

Drivers Championships: Points will be awarded each race for championship standings with 1 ‘drop’ race for each driver over the course of the series.

Teams Championships: 2-driver teams with one PRO and one AM (different models of car are allowed).  Teams must register on the #club-teams Discord channel.  Driver points are combined after each race and applied towards the team.  Drivers are not required to be on a team but strongly encouraged.  Teams points will begin being calculated at the time of registration.  If a driver changes class, the team(s) must be restructured before the next race.

Silver Cup: Senior drivers 54+ years old.  This cup uses driver class points.  Eligible drivers can declare their Silver Cup status in the #club-teams Discord channel (note you must be 54 or older as of the first race of the season to qualify).


+1 point for leading a lap

Custom Liveries

Drivers may claim any of the default cars (can be done in the #club-teams Discord channel) but are encouraged to paint their own custom liveries.  Templates included in the Discord #links channel.  All custom liveries are to be applied as loose skins.

General Event Briefing

Event Schedule (note: Daylight Saving time will end during the season)

7:00pm/1900 Eastern US – Server Reboot / Practice
8:55pm/2055 Eastern US – Driver Brief/Announcements
9:00pm/2100 Eastern US – Qualification
9:10 pm/2110 Eastern US – Warm-up
9:15 pm/2115 Eastern US – Race


Server Name: “CMS 1972 [track name]”.  Password provided on race day after server reboot.
Weather: Live (no rain, temperature modified up due to winter weather)
Allowed Aids: Auto Clutch, Blip, Lift and Brakes/Clutch
Driving View: Open
Start: Double File Rolling Start behind pace car
Flags: Full w/o DQ.  FCY Pace Car controlled, using custom Stock Car plugin.  Follow race instructions closely.
Finish Conditions: Lap distance or no more than 75 minutes
Orange Zone (OZ): The first lap of each race will be treated as an OZ (penalties more severe).  Automatic post-race review.
Damage: 50% + Crash Recovery Off. Drive carefully!
Fuel: 2x (may be adjusted per race for fuel strategy)
Tires: 1x
Lucky Dog & Wave Arounds: Not in this era but we will use for competition.  1st car a lap down or caught between pace car and field will be waved around.
Pit Road: No speed limit.  However, if you use pit road, you must take service and not advance your position under caution.

Pack racing allows for a bit more contact and some is allowed.  However, avoidable contacts may still be reviewed by stewards via IRRs (see Discord server for details on how to file an IRR).

Note on cautions:

As we are using FCY, please pay attention to onscreen and race director instructions.  If no cars are taking service, we will remove yellow flag laps to go back to racing more quickly (more likely at super speedways).  If there are 5 laps or 5 minutes (or less) remaining, FCY will be dismissed as quickly as possible regardless of drivers attempting to pit.  Also, there will be no racing back to the line.  Field is frozen when caution comes out and cars will be automatically arranged under yellow.

Race Communications

Drivers must be on CMS Discord voice channel to participate in the event.  Microphone not required.  Please use “push to talk” or set voice-activation sensitivity to avoid background noises.

During Qualifying and Race sessions, please limit non-essential communications and no text chat.  Abusive and/or profane language is strictly forbidden at any time on any CMS platform.

Competition Rules and Stewarding

This series will conform to the CMS General Competition Rules that may be found on the CMS Discord Server.

Track limits:  By rF2.  However, drivers shall respect track limits per the CMS GCRs and as noted during the driver brief for exceptions

There are no live stewards. All incidents between you and another driver must be submitted via a post-race Incident Review Request. The IRR form is linked in the Discord #links channel.  Penalties from the last race, or not served by the end of the series will be converted into time penalties in the final race.