Thank you for contributing to Champion Motorsports
during the 2021 Donation Drive to keep us moving forward!

As a thank you, you’re invited to drive
in our Special Event on March 6th, 2022.

You can choose either the KIA Touring or the Cadillac STS
to race the 75-minute race on the high banks of the Daytona Road Course.

Each car will represent its own class
and there will be special commemorative trophies provided
for the winners in each class.

Qualifying will be all week long prior to the event,
with rolling sessions leading up to the race,
to set the grid in an iRacing Tournament format.

Watch for your iRacing server invite
in mid-February 2022 via Discord.

February 24th, 2022 Update

We are very excited to announce the final details and schedule for our 2022 VIP Donor Only Race on March 6th 2022
See List Below of all eligible CMS Members who have qualified for the event via their generous donation and support of our community

  • We will broadcast the race live by David Anderson at
  • We will also have 2 Amazing Trophies for Each Class Winner!!!
  • We will be making a big deal out of this event with social media posts, website stories and discord announcements all week leading up to and after the race!

This years race will be completely FREE to participate in — READ ON

The Sim Platform will be and will use 100% FREE Content. an iRacing TRIAL Account may be used and terminated if desired at the end of the event, with ZERO cost to the driver — so no excuses not to attend!

  • Track – Daytona Road Course (circa 2008)
  • Car 1 – Cadillac STS (Sportscar Class)
  • Car 2 – KIA Touring Car (Touring Class)
The Sportscar Class will Feature the Cadillac GT Car!

The Sportscar Class will Feature the Cadillac GT Car!

Drivers may choose either car as free choice for the event

  • Race Length 75 Minutes
  • 1 Fast Repair will be allowed for All Drivers
  • Start Type Rolling
  • Realistic Weather
  • Open Setups Allowed

Note we will have a very fun and unique qualifying format to set the grid for the race. During the week leading up to the event we will configure an iRacing Tournament named cmsracing VIP 2022. Drivers will have 3 sessions that they may join any or all of to set their fastest qualifying time. Each qualifying session will be open and will be 8 hours in length. This will give everyone plenty of time to practice and qualify with only your fastest lap time during the week leading up to the race used to set your position on the grid. The hosted session will be setup on iRacing and the password provided to all eligible drivers in our private VIP Donor only discord channel.

The Kia Touring Car in Action will make a fun and challenging Additional Class

The Kia Touring Car in Action will make a fun and challenging Additional Class

Important Schedule Dates and Times

Qualifying Schedule

  • Qual 1 2/27 – 15:00 GMT (8 hours)
  • Qual 2 3/03 – 21:00 GMT (8 Hours)
  • Qual 3 3/05 – 15:00 GMT (8 Hours)

Race Day 03/06

Race Session Schedule
  • Session Launch Time 16:00 GMT
  • Open Practice 30 Minutes
  • Drivers Meeting – last 5 minutes of Practice
  • Grid and Race 16:32 GMT (75 Minutes)

Eligible Drivers to Race in the VIP Event — Thank you to each of you!!!!

  • Zach Sternhagen
  • Eugene Mazur
  • Leif Peterson
  • George Angelidis
  • Guilherme Bencke
  • Michael Parker
  • Anthony James
  • Wouter de Bruijn
  • Brian Blanchette
  • Alexandre Larocque
  • Matt Largi
  • Thomas Nasella
  • Tom Dilebero
  • Anthony Ayala
  • Jacob Church
  • Wayne Hutchinson
  • Daniel Kirby
  • Steven Rivard
  • Chase Gordon
  • Alexandre Lagace
  • Sahil Mustac
  • Valter Duarte
  • Don Fryman
  • Βασίλης Κατερινάκης
  • Tony Boynton
  • Thomas Montoya
  • Anne Macoretta
  • Steve Carman
  • Jon Uyan
  • Kris Hudson
  • Kevin Corea
  • Paul Ibbotson
  • Sulaiman Saad
  • Jerry Chen
  • James Sauceman
  • JT Tami
  • Marc Leclerc
  • Justin Poteet
  • Neil Sutherland
  • Warren McGrary
  • Dave Slee
  • Kevin Ayers
  • Stephen Knight
  • Marc Johnson
  • Paulo Morais
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Cameron Barker
  • Anthony James
  • Josh Staffin
  • Matt Buice
  • Jonathan Reed
  • Adam Holmes
  • Dirk Groeneveld
  • Christopher Barnes
  • Matteo Scaptura
  • Jason Lundy
  • James Walker
  • Joe Miller
  • David James
  • James Andrew
  • Valter Duarte
  • David Nelson
  • Michael Mortenson
  • John Rowland
  • Stuart Barge
  • Leonard Burke
  • Tom Nasella
  • Mark Ruggerio
  • John Maher
  • William Bartum
  • Ed Jones
  • Aaron Page
  • Mark Sutherland
  • Gilles Lalonde
  • Erik Jacobs
  • Brian Blanchette
  • Thomas VG
  • James Foster
  • Antonio Rodriguez
  • Brette Brooks

Previous VIP Race Champions

  • 2021 – Chris Chmelir
  • 2022 – TBA Sportscar
  • 2022 – TBA Touring Car