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    Default Wrc+ live

    Last year I signed up for WRC+ and I loved it. I highly recommend it to any fan of the WRC. WRC+ cost 49,99 EUR for a 12-month subscription and WRC+ LIVE is 89,99 EUR for a 12-month subscription. However, if you already have a WRC+ account, you can upgrade to WRC+ LIVE for an additional 34,99 EUR.

    What's the difference between the two?

    A WRC+ subscription gets you access to two(2) live stages and two(2) Re-Live stages per rally. The Re-Live is just a replay of the previous two live broadcasts. You get live maps, onboard video's and full highlights.

    A WRC+ ALL subscription adds Live & VOD WRC insights, Live EPG Feature (Not sure what that is), Live Stream Rewind (That's cool!), ALL live instant VOD, and ALL live/re-live stages per rally.

    Seriously, that's a lot of content. Live commentary, live onboard/helo footage, all the live stages, plus power stages, and it's all in HD. You also get Realtime GPS tracking, live timing, live radio, text, service park stream and the best part is that if you miss anything, it's all available in replay. I know I probably sound like a WRC marketing shill, but I loved WRC+ and I can't wait to check out WRC+ all.
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