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Thread: Sim-Racers vs Real Racers!!

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    Default Sim-Racers vs Real Racers!!

    This looks to be interesting!!

    It’s a tantalising prospect: How would the world’s best sim racers fare against racing legends in the real world?

    F1 star Max Verstappen, who’s a gaming devotee, has collaborated with professional sim racers and claims he’s “not bad” compared to them in the virtual world – but what about the journey the other way? We shall find out in next month’s Race Of Champions, when two of the world’s best sim racers will compete in real race cars against the likes of Juan Pablo Montoya, Tom Kristensen and David Coulthard.

    Top sim racers possess superb eye-hand coordination – but they miss perhaps the greatest forte of real-world racers: The ability to ‘feel’ grip. How quickly will they be able to add that to their skillset?

    At the relatively slow speeds of the stadium racing event, fitness won’t be an issue, but can they apply their talents with the additional messages through the seat of their pants? It’ll be fun finding out…
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    As someone whose made that transition (and now back again) They are 98% of the way there. There is definitely some adjustments from getting all of your information from the wheel and through your ears to all 5 senses. It can be a bit overwhelming to filter out what you need and what you don't but if they are right around Max's age they should pick up on it just fine. Be interesting to see where they shake out.
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    Hmmm, interesting, looks like they are going to use Assetto Corsa for the virtual races.

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    I bet they will do very well.
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