AJ has already expressed this in a previous post, but for one and all:

Once again this year AJ and I will be holding down a spot on turn 13 at Sebring, and urge anyone who wants to come to join us anytime along the session. We'll be there from Wednesday thru the big show, which breaks up Sunday morning. There has been interest expressed by several, and all are welcome. We have a double slot, so those who can't squeeze into the rv have plenty room to pitch a tent (AJ and I have done it) and of course we'll be set up for cooking and MAYBE tv coverage and general ammenities. We have a golf cart and can pick up/drop off from the parking areas any time as well as get you to parts of the track you'd have to hike long and hard for. Please come and join us if you can. We'd be honored to have any you who can make it. Hopefully the weather will be warmer than last year. The party in Green Park is always entertaining, if nothing else. Wear your walking shoes and bring bevey of choice. Let us know before you get to the track in case we've forgotten something (yeah right of course we will). Spend a day or a couple, but come!!