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Thread: Update procedure for rolling start - please read

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    Default Update procedure for rolling start - please read

    We will be doing the rolling start differently starting with the Montreal race.

    Start Procedure: (UPDATED 01/27/17)
    For 2017, we will continue to use a modified rolling start. This will include a one-lap, single file rolling formation lap controlled by the driver that won the pole position for P2 and GTE. For the start of the formation lap the GTE and GTC class will be considered one class. Once the green flag has dropped the P2 class will start their formation lap following the Pole Sitter with a speed given by the race admin during the Drivers Briefing. The pole sitter for the GTE class will wait at least 5 seconds before the GTE and GTC classes start their formation lap at the speed given by the race admin during the Drivers Briefing.

    A-1: (UPDATED 01/27/17)
    If a driver other than the Pole sitter for the P2 or GTE/GTC class advances from their qualifying position at the start of the formation lap they will be required to allow all cars in their class (GTE & GTC are considered one class during the formation lap) to advance and they will have to start the race at the rear of their class field. If they do not follow this procedure they will receive a DNQ for the next race they attend.

    B: At each track, an area (typically the last corner or something close) will be designated as the spot to accelerate to racing speed, with passes not allowed until crossing the start/finish line. A per-track Orange Zone will also still be in effect. If you lose control on the formation lap, you MUST let all cars pass and rejoin at the end. The penalty for not doing this is no qualifying at your next event. If you cause an accident on the formation lap, you will be DQ'd from the race results, and will not be allowed to qualify at your next event.

    At the start of each Warm UP session the track will be CLOSED for a drivers meeting so please stay off the track.
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