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Thread: S2 Rd. 5 - VIR Results, Replay and Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by jham View Post
    I had a very similar experience when my speed limiter was turned on but would not hold 30mph. I did one pit stop during practice with no problems. When I went out to qualify I got a drive through coming out of the pits. Went into the pits but had another drive through. I did this two or three more times before I got it right. What seemed to be happening is that the speed limiter only held the speed in first gear.That's my deduction based on the fact that I twice had the limiter on in higher gears coming into the pits but the speed was not held.
    I had the same happen to me during warm-up... could not figure out what happened, and went through twice and got penalty each time. Glad you solved the mystery. wonder why it happens on this track?

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    It's not a bug or glitch. The speed limiter limits the RPM, and it won't drop it below the idle RPM, otherwise you would stall. If it can't limit the RPM, then it just disables it. With the limit so low at VIR, you risk stalling the engine with the limiter in higher gears.
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    VIR has been one of my favorite tracks, its so difficult and technical to drive quickly. Its one of the few tracks that im happy to just keep lapping. First 20 laps of practice learning the track was awkward, finding the exact points of rhythm elusive. But when the light bulb finally clicked on, a lap in the P2 is nothing short of a roller coaster.

    Managed a couple good laps near the end of qualifying despite much of the session spent recovering from several off track adventures.

    Race went much better. Was careful on the tires in the first few laps until temps really came up, conserving fuel in key spots, then started a real good rhythm. Worked on building the gap and tried to keep laps with traffic under 1:40. The car was perfect, very neutral handling, and medium tires had plenty of life all race. Kinda bummed it was only 60 minutes. Congrats to Jon and Fahn on their wins!

    I'll be on vacation in 2 weeks, so I'll have to regretfully miss Sebring (great track), but I'll be back for my home race at Laguna Seca!
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