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Thread: S2 Rd. 4 - Road America Results, Replay and Discussion

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    Default S2 Rd. 4 - Road America Results, Replay and Discussion

    NARS Season 2 - Round 4 - Road America - Race Results

    Finish Qual Drivers Vehicle Class FinishStatus Laps Completed
    1 20 JT Tami 14ELMS Greaves Motorsport #28 ES_P2 Finished 38
    2 1 Alex Coutie 14LM OAK Racing #33 ES_P2 Finished 38
    3 2 Angelo dos Santos 09ALMS Dyson Racing Team #20 ES_P2 Finished 38
    4 21 Colin Moore 08LMS Ray Mallock Limited #25 ES_P2 Finished 38
    5 3 Jerry Hamilton 15LM Signatech Alpine #36 ES_P2 Finished 37
    6 4 jerry mccomas 13LM Boutsen Ginion Racing #40 ES_P2 Finished 37
    7 5 Matt Horst 11ALMS Paul Miller Racing #48 ES_GTE Finished 36
    8 18 Norm Graf 13WEC Larbre Competition #50 ES_GTE Finished 36
    9 11 Tim Collier 13ALMS Corvette Racing #3 ES_GTE Finished 35
    10 9 Sebastian Rodriguez Sebastian Rodriguez's Virtual Ride ES_GTE Finished 35
    11 10 Jon Uyan 10LMS JMW Motorsport #92 ES_GTE Finished 35
    12 15 Don Fryman 12ALMS Competition Motorsports #24 ES_GTC Finished 35
    13 12 Matthew Overton 15WEC Aston Martin Racing #95 ES_GTE Finished 35
    14 7 Don Baumbach 09LM Hankook Team Farnbacher #89 ES_GTE Finished 34
    15 17 Thomas DiLibero 11ALMS Magnus Racing #77 ES_GTC Finished 34
    16 16 Eric Elliott 13ALMS Dempsey Del Piero Racing #10 ES_GTC Finished 34
    17 13 Tom Nasella 09ALMS BMW Rahal Letterman Racing #90 ES_GTE Finished 34
    18 14 Fahn thomas 13ALMS The Racer's Group #66 ES_GTC DNF 28
    19 22 Steve Davis 14LM OAK Racing #35 ES_P2 Engine 22
    20 19 Frank Speer 11ALMS The Racer's Group #68 ES_GTC DNF 18
    21 6 Christopher Snow 16WEC Aston Martin Racing #98 ES_GTE Accident 2
    22 8 John Nelson 15LM Aston Martin Racing #95 ES_GTE Accident 2



    Season Points Standings

    Post your race stories below!

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    Well, a P2 shows up about three laps in after the carousel and I thought he was going to dive inside through the I TRIED to make room and got myself off left...spun back across and hit the right wall, and by the time everyone was collected in it I'm sure a lot of evenings were ruined. My teammates was, I know, and when I finally got it turned around, I found out my car was toast too. Didn't seem like a good idea trying to get back to the pits when it was hunting both left and right, so I parked it.

    Very sorry for all who got caught up in that. I just was not expecting a pass there and hadn't experimented with two lane work at that place on the track.

    And very sorry for John Nelson who gave me the setup that ended up ruining his night.


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    Good race. I think I took about three seconds too much fuel at my stop, but other than that it was fun.

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    I was the first collected when Chris rolled across the track... Its a narrow track there, and speeds are very high, and it was like a pinball machine from that point on.
    Disappointed ,,, I love this track and felt I had a good strategy to gain some points (really love this track Alex). I was looking forward to the 75min event, so I was determined to stay in it. The repairs did not take too long... was lonely at the back of the field, but stayed focused on catching some of the GTC cars.
    I recovered some positions, but ended up getting a drive thru penalty when I entered pits slightly over the speed limit.
    Looking onward to next race...
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    To answer Norm's question he asked after the race that i missed and didn't respond in time,yes i did a no stop.Medium tires and boost 1 with 1/1 wings for better fuel economy.Also saved fuel by coasting a little here and there.I actually saved more than necessary both on fuel and tires so at the end i was able to pick up my pace a bit.

    No drama's or incidents or close battles this time for me.The trickiest part of the race was when Norm passed me with about 35 minutes to go and i was trying to figure out his strategy,was he on a no stop or a 1 stop? I surmised he must be on a 1 stop because of his speed on the strait's,he had to have been running boost 2 or 3 so i didn't try to keep up,kept to my strategy and when i saw him hit the pits i knew i could relax a little.Believe me though i had a close eye on the gap because well it's Norm and if anybody could run me down it would be him.

    Congratulations to the class winners and podiums and a special shout out to Tim for getting on the podium tonight with the exact same strategy i used.This i the best thing about the Enduracers mod with multiple tire and boost choices,and I'm so glad the mandatory pitstop is gone from last season.It really opens up the different strategy options and i was exited for tonight's race to see how they would play out.
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    I was just behind the pinball machine after the carousel. To my surprise I see 2 cars flipping thought the air after coming thought the kink. I stood on the brakes and did some rubber necking to make sure I didn't collect anyone myself. That's a bad place to wreck especially early in the race with everyone bunched up. I hope no one was using VR!

    Well done to JT. Monster pace out there to come from the back to win! I tried the no stop but needed to take a splash with a few laps to go. Never tried 1-1 wings but it might have gotten me to the end without pitting.

    Thanks to all the GTEs and GTCs for good driving. No issues with anyone in traffic and overall a very enjoyable if somewhat lonely race.
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    Well, that was a hell of a race! Best for the P2īs so far, for sure.

    Coutie was very fast, and I was surprised to keep up with him.
    Up until 30 minutes to go looked like the race was between him and me.
    When I was chasing, I had the feeling that he was holding back and controlling the pace. But since I was close, I kept trying.
    At times was really fun going through traffic, and sometimes scary. There was a GTC trying to outbrake me when I was doing a lapping pass, we touched and I ran wide. That was tough.
    When the time for the pitstops came, I knew I had to risk something a bit different because the top 3 were almost equal on strategy. So I decided to put a little less fuel than planned. Was enough, just enough for me to take the lead!
    But of course I was compromised with boost, which gave Alex the upper hand on the direct combat.
    I tried really hard, specially under braking.
    Unfortunately, for both of us, after the pit stop to me was clear that JT was coming a lot faster. And sure enough he catched us. Amazing race coming from the back. On normal conditions he should be miles ahead.
    I made a mistake trying to regain the lead from Alex, and dropped back to 3th. After that, not much I could have done. And although I kept pushing, I just wanted to bring the car home on the podium.

    Very enjoyable race!

    Congratulations to all classes winners, and to everyone that cared to race with us. Thanks.
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    Just a couple of minor issues kept this from being a great race for me.

    I was pleased with my third place quali, about a second behind Don which is normal. Was surprised that through the first part of the race, I was hanging pretty much with Don, until I made a mistake and spun at Canada corner on lap 11. That dropped me back a place or two, and I spent the rest of the race trying to make up time. I passed Thomas at one point, only to realize I was going to be about 5 minutes short on fuel!

    I started doing calculations in my head with about 5 laps to go, and while adjusting my pit settings on the front straight, I went wide at turn 1. At the end fo the lap I did a quick splash 'n' go but the combo of the turn 1 mishap and the pit stop, Thomasa was able to pass me for what turned out to be second place.

    I was surprised and relieved to end up on the podium, despite my mistakes.

    Looking forward to the next one.
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    Eric Elliott
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    First, congratulations to the podium finishers. Looking at some of the speed being generated in the GTE, time for me to go back to the drawing board on wing.......not to mention thinking more closely about fuel strategy, which I won't mention.....

    Well, once again, managed to take a decent start and throw it away. Was getting set for a good battle with Jon U when I shied away from Colin M making his way through traffic like a young filly that had never seen harness before. Half onto the grass on the descent into T5, I managed to keep the car straight but braking was a mess and I tapped relatively lightly into Colin, for which he was able to use Jon U as a bit of a bumper which kept them pointed in the right direction and off they went. With the car pointing directly into traffic on the outside of the corner apex, no relief but to watch the remainder of the GTEs and then GTCs parade by as the punishment for my foolishness. My apologies to both Colin and Jon for causing the difficulty; I rightly finished behind both.

    From there, it was pretty much a practice with a bit of a bent car, working my way occasionally through GTCs and watching for P2s. To my surprise, came across Jon who must have had difficulty. Was keeping pace generally with him (almost) but he obviously had a better eye and head for the fuel and my pitstop put paid to any ideas of catching him. Some last laps drama in working to see if I could catch and pass Don F to spare myself THAT indignity, but no, needed another lap or two - taking a pitstop did me a dirty there too!

    Great race, enjoyed the competition when I could find some and looking forward to the next race.
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    Cheers, Matthew
    CMS Racing #174

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    Glad to finally make a race this season! Its hard making it home from work in time for the race, I've been usually missing it by a minute or two. Thanks to Tim, Jerry, and everyone for moving the time back a few minutes!

    I had a lot of fun tonight, its a great track, and only made better with multiclass racing. Strategy was to save as much fuel as possible to make a splash at the end. Had some interesting fights working my way up until I got into 3rd and saw I had a 30 second gap to reel in in less than 40 minutes. (was starting to miss those old 90-minute races!). Got into a really good rhythm and got it down to around 15 seconds when the last pit stops were happening. When Alex pitted I started to really push, and luckily Angelo had to pit before I did. Came in the next lap with 12 minutes to go and only took 7 seconds of fuel. Came out of the pits with 7 seconds to make up . Tires were still in good condition so I pushed, traffic hurt the leaders and I caught Angelo on Moraine who had a bad exit in Turn 3. Then worked hard on getting behind Alex, and watching for a weakness. Unfortunately, he got a bit too much power exiting Turn 8, and I slipped by before he could recover. Final few minutes were spent building a safety gap. Took my first CMS win in a long, long time. Rewarded myself by finishing a Patron bottle Congrats to the podiums in each class, especially Alex and Angelo, that looked like a great fight all race long.

    Despite some excellent racing, I saw some really aggressive driving from a couple prototypes, divebombing GT's and taking their apexes. On the other-hand, many times I'd come up on a GT, whom Im expecting to hold his line and planning to go around, suddenly changes lines or slowing unexpectedly to help me by, which catches me off guard and nearly gets us both in a wreak. Don't worry, a prototype is "gifted" the tools he needs to get around GT's. Ive got a little bit more power, little better brakes, and a lot more downforce. Be aware that im there, but run your line; its my job to get around you.

    See you guys in 2 weeks! The rest of the season are my favorite tracks
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    JT Tami

    Champion Racing

    2011 NALMS LMP1 Champion - #97 Champion Racing Audi R10 TDI

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