Virtual Mirror Fix:
The original modders; Team Players Virtual Garage, made the mirrors "a certain way". They work great
But the angles are not compatible with the ingame Virtual Mirrors. The MNRL solution is to use a
different Mirror graphic from the "Hi Res Mirrors" mod. If you use the Virtual Mirrors, you need to
find this file in:In the \GameData\Vehicles\GurneyEagle\Gurney_Eagle\Eagle_ Weslake folder, there is a file named:


rename it to:


and it will take effect.

Note: Doing so will change the angles of the car's original mirrors
So, if you use the Virtual Mirrors, then use the file by renaming it.
You only use the standard car mirrors, leave as is... even delete the mirror_1024_128.bmp file.
It's one or the other. There is no way to fix it so both works other than by reworking the mirror
graphics in 3DsMax.