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Thread: Guys, Get on TeamSpeak

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    Default Guys, Get on TeamSpeak

    I don't understand why most of you guys don't get on TeamSpeak.

    During qualy it's all silence. During the race, barely anyone talks. The occasional chatter is like to advise the leaders when to pass.

    But between the sessions, we all talk about the mod, the track or the girls in the grand stands. It opens a new dimension the the whole thing. The others on the track are not just a car with a name on top of it, it's an actual dude that, slowly but surely, you get to know and appreciate even more.

    It's not a complicated install... even Bob got it to work!
    The only thing you need is a headset with a microphone or even just a mic on a stand. The mic in a webcam works too.

    It's great fun. Hope to hear from you. cms-teamspeak-3-server-connection-details
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    I own crappy boxes... well you know what? 20gigs on a Asus P7P55 LX with an i7-860 running an Asus 560GTX (1gig) on an new AOC Q2963 screen... I'm doing way better! But I still endlessly mod rFactor...

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    Agree 1000%
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    -See You On Track!

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    I'll give it a try and you'll be glad I use push to talk so my heavy breathing doesn't excite anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    I'll give it a try and you'll be glad I use push to talk so my heavy breathing doesn't excite anyone.
    We've heard heavy breathing from people's open mics before Tom. That can be a distraction. I would definitely suggest PTT to anyone who wants to join. It's not hard to setup. Just takes a little experimentation between in-game and TS options. We can give practice session feedback and discuss settings if anyone needs help.

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    Gilles, I think it may have to do with me rehearsing for my performances at the air horn orchestra during the practice sessions..
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