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Thread: VIR (Porsche IROC - AMS) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion.

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    Default VIR (Porsche IROC - AMS) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion.

    1974 Porsche IROC Standings, Results and DATA

    Seniors Points Standings


    A few more screenshots here as well.
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    Too quick downshifts coming to T1 around 7th min and kaboolemo. I can't even remember when I expired an engine in a race. Looked like I could keep up with top 4 in my first RSR
    race and in first AMS race for a long time. Maybe next time.

    I like the "car feel" in this sim a lot, I'm going to stop calling it a rF1.5
    I think it is rF1.8 now

    No, just kidding, it definitely feels like a different game using G-moto2 engine (just like any other sim racer out there basically).
    Big kudos to Jason for pursuing this and bringing AMS to CMS and MNRL.
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    My best MNRL race so far, no doubt.
    First, the combo was really fine. Very good fun throw around this Porsche on those corners!

    I had a great Pole Position after zero on the clock, beating Joe by 0.012, which was amazing! Qualy is usually my weak point, so everytime I got a Pole is a special feeling.

    The race for me was straightforward. Kept my lead down T1 and from then on was just about keep a strong and consistent pace and not make any mistakes.
    I was chased first my Joe, and then by Jason, who was not giving up, which made me also keep pushing all the way.
    In the end, closing stages, Ryan was coming very strong. We started go through traffic, and was a very exciting and difficult moment. Fortunately to me I managed to get through this ok and take the win.

    So far a dream championship, personally. Despite winning all 3 races, in none of them I was dominant or uncatchable. I had to fight really hard to get those races! And I expect another cracking race next time around, on the very technical Barcelona circuit.

    Cyu all there, hopefully.

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    Comgratulations to Angelo on his win along with Jason and Ryan for their podium finishes. Great job by everyone. My own race went much smoother than expected, missed the accidents, only got 1 cut track warning (now that's a surprise!) didn't blow the engine and don't think I'll make the post race BLACK LIST. Made one big mistake when Marc caught up to me after his early race problem and ended up spinning but was able continue on. VIR has always been difficult for me so doing as well as I did was a pleasant surprise. Good thing we've got a couple of weeks before Barcelona because I don't think I've ever done a race there....unless it's sometimes called something else and I don't remember. Good racing everyone, I had a blast. Used TS but left it on push to talk for everyone's safety but think I'll go the voice activated route next time and teach the guys some new words. Oh, and Gilles, you need to have more fun doing this.

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    First, grats to Angelo and Jason for their pace at the front.

    2nd, sorry Joe for the bump going into the hump into Oak Tree (captured perfectly by Jason above). I knew I had a run but did NOT expect you to go sideways in front of me. You made a hella recovery because I had barely pulled over and you were off down the road with only Jason getting by. We had some killer pace because despite that we never lost sight of Angelo up front.

    At times last night, I was definitely in the zone. I would click off some great laps, but then I'd have a moment or hit traffic and I would become completely discombobulated and it would take a full lap to get it together again, such was the contrast between the zone, and just hitting the marks.

    What a difference from Road Atlanta with these cars. I actually felt like I wasn't "just hanging on". It'll be interesting to go back there and see how much faster I get can the car around there.

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    This was, hands down, my worst performance in a decade. I had no feel for the track; I may as well have been driving using the keyboard. I got a one lap penalty for cutting the track (trying to recover from an off). The list goes on and on. On the bright side, folks didn't have any trouble lapping me, because I was always in the grass

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    Switched over to Race and my wheel stopped working. DNF

    I know I wasn't going to place well last night, but still could have used the points. AMS is the only sim that I always have controller problems.
    Scott Beck
    Rothmans Racing

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    This is my first time racing at VIR and it took me a while to figure this track out. Once I did I was pretty happy with a 2:04 but then the fast guys were posting 2:01's. I was able to shave 2 seconds off my PB during quali and couldn't believe I was in the single digits on the grid. I didn't have much action except at the beginning of the race. The rest was me just hotlapping and trying to stay consistent. I had a nice 7 second gap on the driver behind me but as time ticked down that gap was getting closer and closer. It was down to about 2-3 seconds but then something must have happened because the gap was back to 7 seconds. So I just tried to stay calm, not blow my engine on the last lap like the last race and finish 5th.

    Looking forward to the next race.
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    Besides being my "home" [state] track, VIR is also one of my favorite tracks.
    The AMS version is easily the best version in any sim, imo. I did a lot of laps in the week leading up to this race. Definitely paid off and I was quite confident with my ability to run a consistent pace come race time.

    Quali came and it was another tiring 15 minutes of pushing quite hard, especially after realizing I might be able to get lucky and squeeze out a pole lap.
    Top 3 a little over a tenth of a second apart and it came down to the wire but Angelo took it.

    Race start and I didn't get the greatest start. Managed to hold position but it didn't take long to notice Ryan was quite a bit quicker in places.
    Looking back, I was a few mph off the top speed of most of the other front runners all race, so apparently my gearing was not optimal.

    I fell into 4th and tried to hang with the top 3. Managed to do that until Joe got sideways and Ryan went off with him.
    Into P2 I went, and while there was a [very slight] bit of breathing room (Joe and Ryan made very fast recoveries!) behind me, it didn't take long to realize I had nothing for Angelo ahead of me.
    I could keep up, but that was basically it. A couple seconds between us, and give or take a second or two, it remained that way the rest of the race.

    I spent most of that time trying to preserve the tires, in hopes of a last 5 minute or so dash...but after suspecting Angelo was finally succumbing to a bit of tire issues with about 10 minutes remaining, I started to push slightly. I did reduce the gap about a second, but in the process I burned up the little bit of extra tires I'd been able to save most of the race.

    ...All the while Ryan had been catching me, very quickly
    In the final 5 minutes, and especially the last 2 and final lap, I was pushing quite hard as he finally caught and engaged me. Another lap or two, doubt I'd have held him off. The battle, and the finish was great!
    Chasing Angelo was great!

    A very good race. What a place to showcase the fun that these cars can be!

    Super fun and thanks to all that participated.

    Very well done, Angelo. Just too fast for me. Gap might not have been large, but a rather dominating victory yet again, either way.
    Grats to Ryan as well on the podium spot.

    And to all finishers. 16 out of 19 drivers finished, which is great!

    Can't wait till Barcelona...see you there

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    It was a race of patience for me.
    I decided to use Jason's setup from the previous race. The way it was I used it. I had already done a setup aimed at preserving the tires but left the car nervous and not comfortable.
    Jason's setup was very comfortable on this track where I ran for the first time. Wonderful track, very well designed and extremely challenging.
    As I said at the beginning, I was patient. I started at a very quiet pace, knowing that the tires would go into space and kept me at 2:12.
    Of course, I gave up 4 positions to position myself in the rhythm and gradually reached those who passed me. I was improving the pace until I reached 2:07 which I tried to keep and with 10 minutes remaining, I was still fine. So far so good, practically solitary race in 13th place.
    At the end of the race, Jeff quickly made the difference, passed me and left. Okay, 14th place but Frank left the lane straight ahead and got through it.
    He recovered quickly! I had nothing else to do, my tires ran out when I tried to protect myself from Jeff, and Frank masterfully had his knife in my teeth.
    It was full pressure the last two laps, a clean but fierce duel.
    Luckily, just by luck, I got ahead of Frank that if I had another lap in the race, I would certainly have passed me.
    Congratulations Frank!
    Congratulations also to the 4 first places and protagonists of this championship. You're driving a lot!
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