Thanks, Frank!

Wires got crossed and I kept letting the link you sent for the images fault, nothing on your end. I've spent a whole lot of my time in the last week or so optimizing this new machine and all the things I need to race, etc, so I've been slacking a bit. Hopefully now everything is good to go (if I could just sort these aliasing issues) and I can focus back in on this stuff.'d at that shot of me on two wheels in the chicane. Damn near thought I'd just ruined the race for both Darien and myself with that little move.
Darien gave up the inside lane (surprisingly, after defending it for multiple laps) at some point and I took the opportunity. Ended up losing a position with that little move.
Just for the record, I wasn't attempting to dive bomb there, but I did. Brakes locked and all I could do was hold on and try to hurry through the chicane so I didn't slow everyone. I may have slightly misjudged the braking point, but I had the position (nearly entire car ahead of Darien) and thought I'd make it....probably would have been a great pass, had I succeeded. Just glad I didn't take anyone out with that overly anxious move. Hard to judge at times, and sometimes it's take a chance or just sit in position. I think if we all took only the "chances" that were "easy" and didn't take any that could [possibly] cause a bit of heartache...well, the racing would stagnate rather quickly.

I agree, nothing like racing with a group of die hards...nothing compares.