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Thread: Saleen Mustang Fun Event Sebring Post Race Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Fryman View Post
    Jason no big deal..........I just didn't feel I deserved the position because of the 4 off Fun Race or not

    Anyways to move a driver you would use the chat command - /editgrid <pos> <name> assuming that you had made yourself a server admin already.
    There is a whole list of commands an admin can do from the chat box, google it if interested or ask and I will help out

    The way I did it was to leave and make a slight change to the car in the options, I think I changed the windshield from clean to dirty...any change will make it look like a different car thus losing any place you may have had.
    Thanks, Don.

    I believe I bookmarked a list of admin commands not too long ago. Going to have to refresh my memory on that, and perhaps print something out so i can see it while in game.
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    Most of the times I am slow at Sebring, although improving (fail on some braking points, and it's been hard to find the best line on last turn), I am not a great fan of muscle cars, but this race has been amazing!!! Never had more than 3 sec delay or advantage on other car, had some interesting fights, been touched once but it is normal when you're driving cars that are equal. Well, this might have been my best performace ever in this track!
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