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Thread: Saleen Mustang Fun Event #2 Mid-Ohio Post Race Discussion

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    Sorry to hear that Joe. This mod is a lot of fun. My race went from the green, green command to full throttle to watch my engine go boom before the first turn. I guess I over rev'ed it too much in practice and that Ford power plant went silent. I really like this track as it is always a blast to drive, it is one of a few that the driver must drive the track first then race others but it always leads to great racing no mater where you are on the grid. I watched the battle up front, was great, then the battles in the middle of the field and even watching those that spun or lost a lot of ground try to pass drivers that were just a little slower overall, some great excitement.
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    "Next "fun event" will be on January 2, 2018."

    Oh man, I'm gonna have driving withdrawls.
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    That race was a blast and I had some really great battles with Tim, Darien, Jerry and Jason. Last race I took a full tank of fuel and found that I had way to much left over at the end of the race so this time I only put in something like 18 gallons and of course it wasn't enough so I wound up having to pit and take more fuel, I came out right behind Tom and he did a fantastic job of taking up all the track but I did manage to get by him and then I looked at my fuel and "CRAP" I was going to be shot by about 2 laps. With just over 1 minute left in the race my car started sputtering after turn 1, I was able to make it through the keyhole but the motor died right after that. As Tom said, my pit crew is history so anyone looking for a pit crew job send me a resume eh

    Great racing by everyone and congrats to the Podium.

    Cya next race.
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