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Thread: Opala '86, Taruma (Round 2) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    I decided to start a setup from scratch for this race. Was making good progress until I hit a wall the day before race-day. Couldn’t find a way past the mid :12s. Started the first race with a minor additional tweak hoping for an improvement. Dumb move, it was worse. Had the rearend try to wreck me four or five times and ran out of petrol on the last lap but still had a fun race.

    Went back to the setup I originally planned to use for the second race. Lights went green, cars ahead weren’t moving, swung to the inside to get around the blockage and got T-boned and slammed into the wall. After that excitement I tried to chase down Mr. Page up ahead. But he wouldn’t slow down and my wounded car wasn’t up to the task (Aaron, nice racing with you as well sir ). There was some excitement a couple times when cars went past and then run off track in front of me. Maybe the hex I put on them as they passed me worked.

    Congrats to all intrepid drivers taking the green flags.
    blue skies, jerry

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    I finally got to see the replays and in the first heat I balked the start by not having first gear engaged when releasing the clutch! I see what a mess ensued for Bruno, Peter, Frank and Marcelo T. There was contact and I hope damage was minimal. Apologizes to all. I am being plagued by a slew of rookie mistakes that are frustrating. Hoping for better.

    In the early laps I, too, noticed several moments of disappearing cars and I think I had a total blank screen for a second or two. Yikes!

    Overall, I had fun, but several offs and spins kept me at the end of the field in both heats.

    Happy Trails,
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