Review Final - Round 2

Previous Penalties

- B. Roberson NQDT
- M. Bastos NQ
- Tyler Alan 2-Race probation (pending)

Penalties Served This Round

- B. Roberson, and M. Bastos did serve their penalties.


Formation Lap
No issues

- T. Boynton, delayed start causing xtreme mayhem behind him. NQ for causing multiple collisions

- A. Lino, (4:10) Coming out wide @T1 contact with J. Whited. Severe Warning for not leaving room when side by side.
- N. Picciotto x M. Themes, (4:10) M. Temes was ahead of Picciotto at entry of T1 but he should've consider the heavy traffic of start and possible cars on the inside.
He acted like racing line was his to take. Contact was avoidable by both drivers; Severe Warning to Picciotto and Warning to Themes for lack of spatial awareness in OZ.


Formation Lap
- R. Soucy, did not move at all, causing mayhem behind him. NQ for causing multiple collisions.
Comments: He escaped after not being able to move, possibly due to technical problem, but end result is the same and the penalty applies.


- (3:43) M. Temes, spins out at the start and T-Bones J. Hamilton. NQDT for car control and causing heavy damage to competitor's car.


No issues

Penalties Summary

- T. Boynton NQ
- A. Lino Severe Warning
- N. Picciotto Severe Warning
- M. Themes NQS&G (NQDT + Warning)
- R. Soucy NQ
- Tyler Alan 2-Race Probation​ (pending)

Note: New drivers please refer to General Rules & Regulations "7. Serving Penalties" for guidance;
CMS League wide General Rules & Regulations (Required Reading)