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    Default Opala '86, Salvador (Round 5) Penalties

    Salvador Review Final

    Previous Penalties
    - M. Tenes NQS&G

    Penalties Served This Event

    M. Tenes served his penalty.

    Stewards Notes To Tenes: Please reread the penalty serving rules regarding where actual stop and go needs to take place!

    RACE 1

    Formation Lap

    - M. Bastos, delayed start causing multiple collisions behind him. Stern Warning.

    No Issues

    - L. Almeida runs into the back of A. Page, causing him to run into the back of P. Holm, and side swiping F. Speer. NQ for causing multiple collisions in the OZ.

    - T. Boynton runs into the side of L. Almeida. NQ for contact in the OZ.

    - N. Picciotto runs into the BACK of T. Boynton who, again, runs into L.Almeida, who, in turn, side swipes J. Hamilton. NQ for contact in the OZ.

    RACE 2

    Formation Lap
    No Issues

    No Issues


    No Issues

    Penalties Summary
    - M. Bastos Stern Warning
    - L. Almeida NQ
    - T Boynton NQ
    - N. Picciotto NQ
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