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Thread: Nurburgring Sprint (DRMs) Post Race Data and Discussion

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    Default Nurburgring Sprint (DRMs) Post Race Data and Discussion

    Official Race Results

    Final Points Standings


    Congratulations to the DRM Revival Series Championship Winners.

    Division 1 Champion Joe Miller

    Division 2 Champion Josh Crane

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    Congratulations to Joe and Josh. My apologies for exiting without warning - my race was OK (thought I would have more pace) but then near the end I just lost focus, made an unforced error and killed my front end. If I was running for points, I would have fixed the car and finished, but instead I felt it would be best to leave. On the bright side, soon afterwards I was able to enter my first iRacing C Class Fixed Truck Series event at Atlanta and despite having a stop-and-go for pitting when pit road was closed, I managed to get my 4th race in a row with 0 incidents and 17th top 10 in a row in 17 oval starts .

    Thanks again to everyone who put on this series as well as all of the competitors for making it a lot of fun.

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    Well, decent race for me, all things considered.

    Like I mentioned in the pre race yesterday evening, I came over to the forum to bail on the race. Between the neck/back issue (spasms, stiffness, no range whatsoever < like can't turn my head at all) and the stomach pains from some [apparently half deadly] fast food I grabbed on a whim yesterday (usually don't eat that garbage) I was in pretty bad shape around 5 pm. Didn't feel at all like racing and figured I'd just be a nuisance on the track.
    Got over here to the forum and Brette had posted some onboard footage that I watched (love me some good onboards) and was subsequently drawn in by. The urge to give it a go came back and I decided to see if I could push through. A plethora of muscle relaxers, pain killers, and some stomach pills later and I was on my way. A bit loopy, but on my way

    Hadn't had much practice at all, and certainly wasn't on pace with most of Div II....matter of fact, I was well off for a while.
    Problem was...I generally set these cars up like a lot loose as I can possibly control. However, with the pain and lack of range I knew that wasn't going to be possible so a bit of a different strategy had to be thought up. There was no way I was going to manhandle this car with a loose setup on this track. So I set about trying to make the car as stable as possible, even forgoing speed to make it more driveable for me.

    By quali, seemed to be working out. I found the pace and was able to maintain it. I put down a few laps and rested for the remainder.

    Green flag and I wasn't too keen to press anything. Just took what was there and let the rest go. (Don, sorry, I didn't realize you were Div I or I'd have let you go on by a while before you did...kept trying to remember which division you were in, but couldn't at the time...hope I didn't hold you up too much)

    I ended up finding a decent position after Josh had some kind of trouble (curb, I'd imagine...hehe. I raised my car a bit to stop that but forgot to mention it. Probably should have as I saw more than one car rolling around after getting a bit too much curb. The ride height adjustment allowed me to really get into them without worrying about that, but I wasn't pressing so never really took that too far)

    Found myself in P2 in class..Ed hot on my heels most of that time.
    Pit stops came around and I pretty much botched that. Got in and out fast and good enough...but as I reentered the track two cars were coming down the main straight and I couldn't make out who they were. Didn't have that aspect of the HUD up...and I don't run labels unless I want to see who is who, then I turn it back off (can't stand those labels over the cars, kills the immersion for me) rather than fumble around with controls and finding out who was behind me, I just let them on by...took a nice little ride down the right hand side of T1 (damn, that's a HILLSIDE :O ) YIKES!

    After they went by, I realized I just let P3 and 4 in my division pass without contest

    Meh....I wasn't going to hold them off anyways. Josh was making up ground like crazy and his superior pace was self evident. Ed was following suit and I really didn't want to cause an incident as they were racing each other. I was a bit loopy from the meds, so that made the decision for me. It's one thing to cruise around and let the faster cars by when in such condition, it's a whole 'nother ballgame to actually try to think and do things (like battle and/or defend a position) when the brain isn't firing on all cylinders. The former I had locked down, the latter I was quite weary of.

    So, I ended up cruising around and ended up P4. Not so bad, given the circumstance...could have maybe been a bit better, and I didn't really need all the fuel I took at the stop, but I was overkilling it because of what happened at Zandvoort (no fuel, no finish :/ )

    So that about sums it up for me. Nothing flashy, but I had fun and was able to overlook the things that plagued me yesterday, for a while. And, this morning the muscles have finally broken loose (hate these spasms...horrible! Wouldn't wish it on anybody) so it appears I did no further damage to myself with the decision to race.

    .................................................. .......................

    On another note.... was good to see a bigger grid last night, with the return of some familiar faces that had been MIA for a time.
    And it seemed like some good racing through the field, so I'm happy with that too.

    Thanks for coming guys! (ALL of you. < here's lookin' at you, Tom :P )

    Congratulations to our DRM champions, Joe and Josh. And a special mention for Div II P3 championship finisher Aaron Page, proving yet again that showing up week after week pays off even if you don't run near the front. Well done!

    Been a good series.
    To be honest, when we started this series, I wasn't about these cars all that much. I don't know why, just didn't get into them right away. I know a lot of others love them, it just took me some time and they had to grow on me.
    But, race after race they proved to be some of the best and most intense racing I've had. Close battles, fast pace, intense driving. Doesn't really get better than that. The mod proved itself to be a good one and happy with that as well., see you guys for the final Eagles race next Tuesday. INTERLAGOS....can't wait, love that place!
    Hope everyone that showed up this week can be there again, and possibly some others as well. Always a place for everyone willing and ready.

    Take care, see you all there.
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    What a run. I had a fun race up front with Darien and Gilles, until lap 8. It was then that I exited the final turn, grazed the curbing as I did every lap, and then the car turned right and I wasn't able keep off the wall. I limped about a 2.5 minute lap back to the pits, where I decided I would use that as my pitstop. I had flattened my right front and my steering wasn't straight, so I fixed all damage and changed all tires. I ran the rest of the race, making up ground. I ended up behind Darien, who deserved to finish on top of the podium.

    The race was made better by all the drivers present. I had hoped to have a clean race given my recent mistakes, and I am searching for some excuse for spinning on lap 8, but I guess we can't have everything we want. This was a very fun mod, and I am thrilled there is a Warsteiner car, as they had just about the only commercial I hear in my German radio.

    Warsteiner - "Eine Königin unter den Bieren"

    Currently, I am in the process of moving from university to temporary housing, and then to Tennessee. My race attendance my be sporadic but I intend to be on in the new year for sure. I hope to see you all there.

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    I'm sorry I missed this series. Those cars are fun to drive. Had a few good battles with Bob and Tom. It was nice getting back on track with all you guys. Hope the next series will be as much fun as this was.
    Scott Beck
    Rothmans Racing

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    First off, congrats to Joe and Josh on their respective championships, and to Joe and Darien on their wins in this race. Great driving this season, guys!

    I love dual division racing, and nearly always pick the slower class when given the choice, as I did in this mod. I don’t regret that decision, as it usually means racing with the old farts (like me). I like to compare apples to apples. And this race was typical in that it rewarded me for my choice.

    I didn’t bother to q; had I done so I would have only gained a starting position or two, at best. I had my ride so low that my eyes were bouncing in my head during practice, so at the last minute I raised my ride height (I know, bad to change a setup and run, untried). Had a great first lap with Nick, while I tried to stay off Scott’s bumper, with Nick and I making light contact a few times. But after Nick got by me with a smooth pass finishing turn three, I decided to settle down until the pit stop, which I had calculated to do after I had gone a lap down. Unfortunately on lap four, Nick had somehow gotten stuck in the middle of the track, and with about a second to react, I failed the test, and hit him. That added some to both of our pit stops, no doubt. I let him by as soon as I saw he wasn’t going to pit, and resolved to plug on.

    Those last ten laps were a blast for me. I was almost a full lap ahead of Frank, but he was driving the hell out of his car, and came within a second of passing me when he, for some reason (fuel?) pitted. Scott and Tom were gaining on me every lap, and I’m looking at their relative positions, hoping they’ll slow each other down for just a few more laps. Fortunately, either they did, or (more unlikely) I got faster. I finished up six positions, which is pretty good for me. But I only finished a few points ahead of Ed in the overall championship, and he skipped a race (and far outclassed me in this race), so I have some work to do.

    Many thanks to Jason, Joe, and all those who add their efforts into keeping this league alive. I still think of Norm before every race, and just know he is smiling.

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    I haven't raced in over two months so last night was a lot of fun even though the results showed my lack of practice. I tried to stay out of everyone's way. If I didn't , I apologize. Had some good racing with Tom Mountjoy and Scott Beck. Almost got by Scott on the last lap and last corner but , again, my ailerons were malfunctioning and I did the second "rollover" of the night.
    I really enjoyed this mod and hope at sometime in the near future we use it again.

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    For the first time had a quite boring race with MNRL, early in the race I pulled away the guys behind me and progresslively lost time to the guys ahead. Most of the race felt like I was alone on track.

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    I had fun racing with everyone and seeing so many familiar faces at this last race! It surely brought back good memories. I am glad that I got to part take in about half of the races this DRM season. I was out of town (*cough*country*cough) for the first half. The fight for the Championship surely would have been interesting! These cars are AMAZING!!!! I really had fun racing these with y'all.
    P.S. Before I did my first race, I saw that Jon was in Division I...That may have heavily weighted my decision to go Division 2....
    We had some awesome battles last season though! Maybe we'll have a chance to go head to head again this next time around!
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    Same here! Sure was great to make the final race in these beasts. Since I was quite rusty, it was nice to have some div 2 cars to have some battles with. Thanks for the fun!
    Special thanks to Joe, Jason, and anyone else working in the background to make it all happen.

    Ps. Maybe I will see some of you at Sunday's Historics race!
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    -See You On Track!


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