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    Default Nordschleife (Eagles) Penalties

    Review Final

    Previous Penalties:
    -J. Whited - Severe Warning
    - F. Speer - ​NQ w/ Severe Warning (pending). ​Note that failing to serve again will result in DQ from results.
    NQ penalty will still have to be served. With the option of additional penalties at the discretion of stewards.

    Start: Clean

    - J. Uyan, goes off (1:09) and crashes into armco, Severe Warning.
    - M. Cohn, cuts track (1:17), Warning.
    - B. Brooks, out of track boundary (1:20), no advantage gained, Caution.

    Penalties Served:
    - F. Speer served his NQ.

    Penalties & Warnings Summary:
    -J. Uyan Severe Warning
    - M. Cohn Warning
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