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Thread: Mosport (Formula A) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Beck View Post
    Last night was a really fun race. Car worked perfect and felt great. At this point in the season I'm basically racing for points. I was second to Denis until Tony had a really good race and kicked my butt. Good going man.

    Aaron and I had some really good racing laps near the end. That was the most fun I've had racing someone in a long time. We were really going at it. Really clean great racing Aaron. I just love it when you can race someone that close and know nothing silly is going to happen.

    Congrats to Jason for the win, and thanks.
    Thanks, Scott. I had Jason’s setup and managed to avoid trouble until the next to last lap, which I thought was the last lap, and lost concentration for a moment and had a minor off. Bruno was not asleep and pipped me for a position.
    I chased the faster guys but couldn’t keep up and I had great fun being chased by Pete and Jerry that I can remember. I like Mosport having raced GPL there years ago.
    I appreciate the patience of the guys when passing me and I had some good side by side several times.
    I finished in sixth place; several faster guys fell out. My goal was to finish the race, so top ten was gravy.
    I love this series!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Boynton View Post
    [...] I like Mosport having raced GPL there years ago. [...]
    I love this series!
    Yeah, I remember that version of Mosport too (the GPL version)--the best still, IMO, although probably not the safest.

    Niki Lauda had a part of Mosport as one of his "[The] Ten Toughest* Bends"] in Formula One racing in his first book (1975) this same era, and what he said then would apply too to this series, I think.

    [* "or most interesting"<--his words] ]

    I'll just type it as he wrote it:


    Mosport (Canada)

    At that part of the track that is furthest from the start and finish line a particular hazard - and another trial of courage - lies in wait for you. This is the approach to the sharp-about-turn (second gear). Before this hairpin bend there is a flat-out shallow left-hand curve that drops down into a depression, then climbs again to the about-turn. If you want to get anywhere at Mosport, then you are going to have take that shallow left without easing your foot off the accelerator one bit. The problem is, that the actual surface is convex, so you cannot see where you are going at all : you find yourself diving down into that depression without seeing a thing. Driving downhill, on a sharply banked road, you then have to brake into that hairpin bend - and that means a drop in speed of just over 60 mph. You then have to try to carry the car through the conflicting forces and trends of this about-turn in such a way that you do not emerge from it at an angle, thus ending up in the braking zone. And all the time you are trying to cope with this, there is the added refinement that you are careering downhill and cannot see where you are going.


    I think that last bit is a typo and he meant "careening,"...but you get gist.

    IMO the original (60-70) version where the tall trees were still close on the left--the GPL version--is the only one that really lets you in on how frightening it must have been (cambered outward too, remember).

    That said, I found myself having to take a slight lift to "set" the back end about three out of five times as I turned left. Dunno about you, but I couldn't make it work otherwise.

    Figures this is where I'd blow up the brakes too.
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    First I'd like to apologize to Gilles (I believe), we had a coming together on lap 8 I believe while going into T8. I'm not sure if I turned in to early or just what happened but I'll take whatever penalty is given out. We both went off to the outside of the track and I waited for him to get going again and join the race but once he turned around so I could see the front of his car I could see that the front nose clip was missing and he'd have to pit for repairs. I am unable to watch the replay as I'm still getting the "Error Loading Trojtex_5 Texture" message when trying to load the replay so it's not loading for me but if it deserves a penalty I'll be more than happy to take it.

    So a couple of laps in I spin braking for the last turn and went out into the grass at the outside of the track, waited for a safe time to re-join the race and once back on track I was down in 10 or 11th place. Drove really hard and worked my way back up threw the pack and then had the incident with Gilles and then once back on track I had to do it all over again. I was turning some good lap times and getting up through the field again but then just before 1/2 distance things went quite, oh, oh, that can't be good! Sure enough, I'd blowed up my engine real good I guess I was trying a little to hard and punished the motor a bit to hard, oh well that's racing.

    Contrat's to Jason on your total domination of the race and the great work by Jon and Brette to finish on the podium. But I'd like to also give another BIG thanks to Jason for being the gentleman that he is and for sharing his great setups with us all, without them I'd be totally lost in these cars.
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    Apology accepted Dave.

    At the time it happened, you got a load of French Quebecker insults but I was never a factor in the race, having a No Qualy penalty and starting from the back... plus totally messing up my start so no worries
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    First things first. Big grats to Jason for a solid flag to flag winning drive! It almost seemed like he was pacing himself early. But I am sure he was aware of Chris and Joe's gap throughout the race and only pushed as much as needed to have a winning margin. Well done Jason! There were good efforts by many and thanks for the good heads up and clean racing throughout the field.

    Some might have called that a boring drive for me since I was at least 3 seconds away from the driver ahead most of the race. But the thing is, it wasn't like that in the beginning or the end. I was able to get into the high 1:15s in qualifying with a new PB. And just before the session ended Dennis laid down a burner lap that pipped me by 0.001 second. No problem, I like close racing with well matched opponents. On the start my lane moved out a little quicker and I got a slight advantage on Dave and Dennis. But that didn't last long. I filled my McLaren Valdez with enough fuel to traverse the northwest passage. So I was taking it easy on cold tires. Not so for Dave and Dennis. They were racing me and each other pretty hard. Hard but fair. I want to thank them for giving me plenty of room. I was trying to do the same and eventually gave room when it was obvious they had more confidence in pushing hard that early.

    After the opening laps with Dave flying by on a mission from God, Dennis and I caught up to Joe near Moss (everyone's favorite turn). I knew that was going to be interesting as the three of us cut loose like Indy carb day group trials down the back stretch. Joe took up the the inside and Dennis was a smart tactician waiting for an opportunity. Well he got it entering T1 on the next lap when both zipped by on the inside. No contest here. I wanted to settle into a comfortable pace of my own and see what came my way. So those qualy times proved to be pretty accurate. Dennis pulled a comfortable gap for a while. But I hit my marks and worked on at least holding that gap as we worked through traffic throughout the race. The last few laps Dennis had a few stumbles and I was pouring on the coal. Coming out of Moss I was able to get on his gearbox and draft him just enough to pull out a close drag race to T8. This time the momentum was just enough to grab the spot. We had one lap to go. So I kept in it just enough to keep a reasonable gap exiting Moss. What is reasonable anyway? It depends on how much you know the other driver's speed and how much they can push their car. In this case, Dennis tried to return the favor since I was now in the cat-bird seat as the draftee. It was good closure on his part but I got to T8 just soon enough to hold him off for the last three corners. We were close at the line by maybe two car lengths in P3 and P4. Great racing with a great driver.

    That would have been P4 and P5, except Chris's crew chief was in cahoots with some others Junk Yard dogs to install old parts in our cars for the race. Chris lost his brakes way before the end thanks to a ten year old master cylinder blowing a seal. Who is responsible for that part? Meanwhile I confirmed my suspicions all along about getting used engines installed in my car before the race. This time I checked the XD engine monitor as soon as I got on the grid. Before even looking at the gas pedal, it was already showing 38% life left. WTH? This is just like the previous races except this time I'm sure it was not my doing. Who was responsible for this twist of strategy? Where's the Mod slider where we move it back to 100% new engines for the race? This never happened offline. Or in other rF mods. I wonder how many others are getting the same thing at the start and just not aware? I did see Joe and Dennis confirm something similar in chat. But I don't remember even having this problem with this mod in the past. The only thing good to say is it makes me more conservative from the get go knowing I have less than 40% engine life to use in the race. And these babies can be provoked if you're not careful !

    Some random comments:
    1. It's good to see Peter can finish races with us now. Whatever he did to his internet connection, it's making a difference.
    2. I saw others had some mismatch problems before the race. Were those for Bruno's car? I say Bruno because his car was the only one that looked like it had the wrong graphic on it in the replay. In fact, It looked like it may have had my #57 car graphic on the right side. Although it looked more like a collage of random lines and solid patterns.
    3. @ Chris: Sorry to see you drop out. Get on the ball sourcing a new master cylinder. Or just get on the phone with Fanatec for something with a proven design. Or HPP, if you recently won the lottery.
    4. Thanks to Jason for sharing his setup with several of us. All that generosity, and he still walked away with it... very confident and cool!

    Hope to see you guys at Mid Ohio! That will be a different king of challenge than the smooth fast swoopy turns (except Moss) at Mosport.

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    Uh....the responsible party there would be me. Doh!!!! Oh I know...yer supposed to do a complete tear-down (of your car...or at least your controls) at the end of every season, assuming you don't have the manpower to do it after every race. Yeah...well. I don't. And didn't. And probably STILL won't.

    The big "L"--Lazy--is my explanation for that. That and the corollary mantra: "If it AIN'T broke, don't fix it." So I didn't...and I got away with it for ten years.

    There's a better moral than "just get away with it" in there, I know... and it's trying to surface...and to rear-its-ugly-head, but I'm just.....not listeninnnnnnggggggg....................(yet).

    But feel continue my expense <sniff..."honk">--that's the price I pay for going with "the big L pre-race pit preparation plan." IS funny Even if it happened to me.

    Only my pride got hurt.
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    Sometimes you start tuning on the car and suddenly it just clicks. This was definitely one of those times.
    Took some time, but I eventually stumbled upon a setup that had me literally feeling like I was glued to the road. The car was on rails, and as long as there was confidence in the ability of the car to hold the road, all was well. However, right at the back of my mind was the knowledge that the setup also had it's own issues. ...mainly, I couldn't really lift in the cambered corners of the track where I was using the power to hold the car. Lift in the wrong place, it was all over. I wasn't really thrilled about starting behind anyone or having to pace behind anyone even remotely slower at any given place on the track. I knew it was one of those moments of having to lift out mid corner that would be my undoing.

    So goal 1 was get out front, stay out front.
    All fine and well, expect usually my starts leave quite a bit to be desired.

    Quali came and I pushed with everything I had. Damn near wore myself out forcing the car around throughout quali, but taking the pole on my final quali lap replenished me and the adrenaline surge definitely had me flying high. 100% focus....I love that feeling, when nothing or no one can break it. When I realize I haven't even blinked in so long that my eyes are burning and watering.

    Race time came and now the adrenaline surge has moved to near panic mode!
    I'm shaking like a leaf, searching for breath even. Trying to calm myself. Wiping my sweating hands over and over again in anticipation of the drop of the green and the ensuing chaos (I LOVE standing starts!)

    Green drops and I somehow managed possibly the best standing start I've ever had while sim racing. Honestly, not sure it was a "great" start as much as others had a bit shorter 2nd gear. Seemed I was still plowing away in 1st as others were upshifting., that long 1st can actually pay off and not hinder me at the start if I just hit it right?

    I headed into T1 almost shocked by the start. Took me a few corners to settle down and by that time Christopher and Joe were directly on my heels.
    I was fine everywhere except the backstretch. Really, at this track, if you can position your car correctly in a defensive fashion there is very little room to overtake, except on the backstretch. There, if you are the lead man, you're essentially a sitting duck in a car that drafts well.

    I knew it'd be the one place I could lose it all. So proper defense was in order. never really realize the fine line between defending and blocking until you're forced to defend. Just kept thinking, "I get one move, one move...don't block, just wide but not too wide"...over and over in my head. ...watching the mirrors as much as I was watching the road ahead of

    It was intense, but due to a coming together of Christopher and Joe heading into Moss, it was short lived. (thankfully, for me)
    A small gap formed, but it didn't last long. I have a bad habit of noticing stuff like that and then pushing to milk it for all it's worth and it generally costs more than it's worth (bad habits die hard though)

    Started to get nervous again, but was attempting to settle in and log laps at the same time. Again, didn't last too long. Christopher had another off or got slowed in some way and the gap increased again.

    That was about the point I settled down and just started attempting to hit my marks. After the fuel weight had burned a bit I was far more comfortable pushing the car around. It had a tendency to try to swap ends on power mid corner with the fuel load, and I knew that, so I didn't push it much until I was certain the fuel had burned away a bit and the tires were nice and warm.

    Rest of the race, the car was just on rails. All I had to do was steer the thing and not screw it up (blowing leads is not out of the norm for me :P )

    So, I managed to do that and finally managed to put a W beside my name again.
    About time! 10/25/2017...that was my last outright win, here or elsewhere for that matter. So, to say it was a long time coming is a bit of an understatement.

    Thanks for all the compliments
    And congrats to the rest of the podium and to all those that managed to finish. One for the memory books!

    Now, off to Mid Ohio where a better test up to the hype or blow it like usual? ...I'm going with I'll probably blow it, but hey, you never know! Might just get lucky and stumble across something that sticks again.

    See you there!
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