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Thread: Monza ('75 F1) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaron page View Post
    Joe, if those are "Chinese 5 colors" they will indeed do nicely. It only takes two of those to make a BIG pot of chili!

    A Carolina Reaper and an Orange Habanero
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaron page View Post
    Congrats to Jason on the race win, and to Brette for the championship. Also congrats to Bruno on the seniors' championship. (btw, Bruno, no contest there, sir -- I could only attempt to keep you honest!)

    Joe, concerning the dog chewing, I have two solutions to that problem: one, get an older dog or, two, make a mixture of cayenne pepper and Murphy's oil soap, and smear lightly on the wires -- I guarantee you won't have to repair those wires more than one more time! grin

    As far as my race goes, I was very disappointed that Tony appeared to not be making the race, as we were exactly tied in points in the overall. Since I didn't want to win the spot by one point awarded just for showing up, I resolved to complete the race, and hence preferred to start from the back. With maybe five seconds left in warmup Tony comes online --alright, I'm thinking, we get to race for it! But even without qualifying, when the race started he was gridded higher than I was -- rrrrrrrrr. At the green, Peter got a lousy start, which bottled Jerry up behind him, but since Joe was stuck in the pits I had plenty of room to swing outside and, rather than press the issue, let them have the spots back (which also helped me miss the debris of the Bruno/Christopher entanglement). I managed to pass Tony when he visited the green early on, and after that it was a matter of just trying to make fewer mistakes than he did in a mod I'm not comfortable in. I managed to do so, although just barely, until, with two whole laps to go, I was called into the pits. No way am I going to pit! So I saved fuel, and saved some more, and just barely made it to the checkers. (I've got to get a handle on how this sim calculates fuel mileage!). End result, I beat Tony by exactly one point. But that sure beat getting the spot by default. Fun racing you all season, Tony!
    Somehow I forgot we had a race until my wife reminded me and I got online just in time for the start, had about 30 secs to select the setup I liked for the race and off we go! Not sure why I landed in P7 at the start, maybe from some practice time during the week. So I was discombobulated from the start, my chair was not quite right, wheel a little loose, too much light in the room, etc., etc., etc., none of which compares to having wires chewed or pets under the pedals!

    Aaron, glad you got the point "honestly" I just want to agree with you that we had fun all season and I'll add my congrats to Jason, Brette and Bruno for their great results.
    This was a fun season and I learned a lot; thanks to all of you for your generous help and patience and good humor on TeamSpeak.
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