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    Default Mont Tremblant Penalties (ATT: ALL FORMULA A DRIVERS!)

    Review Final

    Previous Penalties:

    - E. Budzinski - Warning
    - G. Lalonde - Warning
    - A. Page - Severe Warning
    - Tyler Alan - ​NQ (Warning + S. Warning)


    - T. Boynton, very late to take grid position on a standing start, driver needs to be more prepared. Caution.
    - G. Lalonde, very aggressive start with a contact on Snow, Severe Warning


    - J. Whited, 4 wheels off, safe re-entry (0:06), Caution for car control.
    - G. Lalonde, 4 wheels off, safe reentry (0:11), Caution for car control
    - S. Beck, taps side of F. Speer, no obvious damage (0:15). Severe Warning or avoidable contact.

    Penalties Summary:

    - S. Beck Severe Warning
    - G. Lalonde NQ (2x warnings in consecutive races)
    - Tylar Alan NQ​ pending
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