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    Default Interlagos ('75 F1) Penalties

    Review Final

    Previous Penalties

    -P. Holm Severe Warning

    Formation Lap
    No issues

    - Delayed start by B. Brooks. Severe Warning for not being ready at the start.- Due to above, D. Turcotte runs into the right rear of B. Brooks. Severe Warning for car control.
    - T. Boynton, delayed start, causing chaos behind. Severe Warning for not being ready for the start.

    6:01 - J. Hamilton and M. Overton come together. J. Hamilton could have given M. Overton (lost front wing) more room to the outside. NQDT for car control damaging a competitor's car.

    Penalties Summary

    - B. Brooks Severe Warning
    - D. Turcotte Severe Warning
    - T. Boynton Severe Warning
    - J. Hamilton NQDT
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