Review Final

Previous Penalties/Warnings

- D. Bailey - Warning.
- F. Speer - Warning.
- G. lalonde - Warning.
- Tyler Alan :
DQ from Cordoba race results.
1-Race Suspension from '74 Porsche IROC Series (R2 Goiania).
2-Race Probation in 74 Porsche IROC Series (starting with R3).
​2-Race Probation in Formula A Series (starting with R4).

Penalties Served This Race
Tyler Alan did serve his suspension.

Formation Lap

No issues.
Note: B. Peterson did pull over at start, but did have permission from Race Admin.

Start And OZ

- A. Page, 4 wheels off, safe reentry (3:59), Caution for car control.
- G. Lalonde & L. Almeida contact, both went off track, both reentered safely (4:07). Racing Incident.
- N. Picciotto runs into the rear of P. Holm (4:32), Picciotto went off and reentered safely. NQ for Avoidable Contact.
- S. Beck runs into the rear of F. Speer (4:33), NQ for Avoidable Contact.
- P. Holm runs into S. Beck (4:34), due to the the previous incident with N. Picciotto. No penalty.
As a result of above, both S. Beck and F. Speer, 4 wheels off w/ safe reentry.

Penalties Summary

- N. Picciotto NQ
- S. Beck NQ