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    Default Donnybrooke (Formula A) Penalties [ATT: ALL FORMULA A DRIVERS!]

    Review Final

    Previous Penalties/Warnings

    - S. Beck Severe Warning
    - G. Lalonde NQ
    - Tyler Alan NQ​ (pending)

    Penalties Served This Race

    - Tyler Alan served his NQ penalty
    - G. Lalonde did not start in this race


    - T. Boynton, false start, also contact w/ D. Slee's car in front. Severe Warning
    - S. Beck, light contact w/ A. page. No action
    - E. Budzinski, hit on P. Holm's LT/R wheel. Severe Warning


    - K. Stevens, line change and side-swipe T. Mountjoy (0:51). Severe Warning for car control in OZ
    - S. Beck, 4 wheels off, safe reentry 1:04), Caution for car control
    - Tyler Alan, side swipe on F. Speer's car while passing (0:53). Warning for car control in OZ
    - Todd Alan, contact w/ P. Holm (50/50 split). No action, racing incident
    - K. Stevens, contact w/ A. Page (1:20), causing Page to spin out and lose 4 positions. NQDT for avoidable contact
    - F. Speer, contact w/ D. Slee (1:21). NQ for avoidable contact
    - E. Budzinski, went off track (1:20), safe reentry. Caution for car control

    Penalties/Warnings Summary

    - T. Boynton Severe Warning
    - E. Budzinski Severe Warning
    - Tyler Alan Warning
    - K. Stevens NQS&G (Severe Warning + NQDT)
    - F. Speer NQ
    - G. Lalonde NQ (pending)


    NQS&G Procedure:
    7.2 To serve a penalty certain steps need to be followed:7.2.1 NQ (No Qualify): Driver has to sit out qualification session, he is not allowed to get on track.
    7.2.2 NQDT (No Qualify Drive Thru): After complying with NQ part, driver will start the race or formation lap from the position where ever the sim places him. He is not allowed to race anybody and gain position(s) until he serves his penalty. If there is another driver positioned behind him (without a penalty) he will let him pass after a standing start. If it is a rolling start all drivers will keep their positions during formation lap.
    At the end of first lap or formation lap the driver announce his/her pit entry in chat box and perform the drive thru.
    7.2.3 ​NQS&G (No Qualify Stop & Go):Same as article 7.2.1 until pitlane entry. After driver enters pit lane he continues with allowed pit lane speed to the end of pit lane passing all the pit boxes, and he stops before getting on pit exit lane, making sure to leave enough room for other cars to be able to pass on passing lane (the most outer lane in pit area), comes to a full stop then take off.
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