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Thread: Barcelona (Porshe IROC - AMS) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Great write ups all! And another fun ams race. Defo had tire issues early, I think due to the clag, as this track seemed to have more than other tracks we have run. Maybe this is a setting in the track files?
    To you Aaron, no issues whatsoever, as that was some good fun running with you. I was wondering how you ended up behind me, again, in the second half of the race. I thought we were again racing for position, until I looked up at standings and saw you were 1 lap down.
    As always, thanks to Joe and Jason, and congrats to the podium speedsters!

    -See You On Track!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatCAN View Post
    Great write ups all! And another fun ams race. Defo had tire issues early, I think due to the clag, as this track seemed to have more than other tracks we have run. Maybe this is a setting in the track files?
    The clag is dependent on how many laps are put on the track. So, if during final practice there are more or less drivers, this will be altered.
    The dynamic track in AMS is simplified. It is not a true dynamic track like in, say, rF2. Essentially, laps equal rubber on track and the race line and what is considered off race line is predefined. How much rubber build up there is, is the only thing we effect.
    If the track were truly "dynamic" we'd have seen a more likely racing line between T6 and T7. The predefined racing line had us over track left, while I was running a line directly through the clag track right. In other cars that will differ, and I saw others running a bit different line than myself, but many were over in it, so it would kicked off to the side on a truly dynamic track surface, I'd imagine.

    Camber of the racing surface seems to play a part as well. Which would make sense.

    We start the official "final practice" session on a "medium" rubbered course. That is the standard setting we use on the server. A "low" usage track ("green") is not something typically seen. They don't come out every night and wipe the track free of tire turds and rain is only so effective at that. So...we don't use a "green" surface.
    Typically, by race time, the track is considered "heavy" usage as we've all laid down laps (=rubber) so there is definitely a change at some point there.

    If one is consistent enough, one can note the faster lap times as the rubber builds. Race line becomes more grippy, for the most part, and the opposite for off race line driving...much more slippery, stuff gets on the tires, etc.

    It's the reason we are seeing the pole lap being laid down right at the end of quali (and is the reason, real world side, why drivers often attempt to get their hotlap in near the end of the session) and is realistic in that way.

    The track files will probably define how many laps = how much rubber, etc...but I haven't actually looked.
    The cut track penalty system was working, but is more relaxed than the AMS base content tracks and requires that you gain time by cutting. Also, probably more relaxed because this track has a lot of curbing areas that are meant to be utilized (noted by the green rubble surface beyond the curbing, which imo, means the curbing is meant to be utilized)
    Base content does not always require that time is gained to give the warning (or take a lap away during practice/quali)

    In testing though, I found that I was gaining nothing by being lax with the track limits. Even at the final corner where it seemed there was something to gain from utilizing all the curbing, I found my fastest line much deeper into the apex and my exit had the lefts barely touching the curbing. I struggled to find that line again all race, and rarely succeeded. Mostly, I ended up partially on the curb with an "average" exit.

    Could gain a bit cutting some into T7...but that was one place the track seemed strict about the limits so it would have drawn the warning and/or penalty if the number of warnings before penalty was exceeded (5)

    My tire issues came about 30 minutes in. Mostly just burning up the LF.
    If you spend enough time with the car and drive it in different ways it's pretty easy to see that most of the worst tire wear is due to us. (ie...incorrect driving style for the particular car)
    The car is sensitive to load transfer. Also doesn't like to static coast in the corners (watch the front load bearing tire light up when you coast through a corner)

    Acceleration = traction.

    If you're not throttle steering it, and mostly only using the wheel for guidance, you're doing it wrong. (not you in particular, Tom. You in the general sense )

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