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    Default Barcelona (Porsche IROC) Penalties [Att: ALL PORSCHE DRIVERS]

    Review Final

    Previous Penalties/Warnings
    - M. Cohn Severe Warning (2x Warnings)
    - J. Mackay Warning
    - J. Miller Warning
    - R. Soucy NQ
    - G. Lalonde NQDT (NQ + Warning)
    - T. Alan 2-Race probation (pending)

    Penalties Served This Race
    - R. Soucy did not comply with penalty given and qualified for the grid position.
    - G. lalonde and Tyler Alan did not attend.

    Formation Lap
    - R. Soucy, tire warming at certain corners! (2:00-2:05 Renault corner, 3:23-3:28 Campsa corner, 3:51-3:57 La Caixa corner, 4:01-4:10 Banc Sabadell corner, 4:15-4:17 Europcar corner) Severe Warning for deliberately warming tires and trying to hide it to corner sections.
    - A. Dos santos (pole position), lowering pace speed to 64 Kph after last corner (~86 Kph thru the corner) caused a big accordion effect in the mid field. Severe Warning for not following formation lap rules.

    Start & OZ
    - M. Cohn, missed his braking and went off track coming to Elf (T1, inside), immediate reentry was close to Soucy, blocking him at the exit. Severe Warning for car control in OZ.
    - J. Miller, more than two wheels off at Seat exit (5:37). Caution for track limits.
    - B. Brooks, 4 wheels off at Elf exit (5:38). Caution for track limits.
    - M. Cohn, 4 wheels off at Elf exit (5:39). Caution for track limits.
    - M. Overton, cutting in front of the opponent (5:45). Warning for abrupt line change without enough gap.
    - B. Chacon, 4 wheels off at Elf exit (5:44). Caution for track limits.

    Penalties/Warnings Summary
    R. Soucy - Severe Warning
    R. Soucy - NQ (Pending). Failure to serve it next race will result in DQ from race results.
    A. Dos Santos - Severe Warning
    M. Cohn - NQ (severe warnings two race in a row)
    M. Overton - Severe Warning
    G. Lalonde - NQDT (pending)
    Tyler Alan - 2-Race Probation (pending)

    Chief Steward's Comments: All penalties to be served within the season. Drivers fail to serve or no-show last race of the season will get time penalties to be deducted from their last race.
    In case driver had not raced last two races of the season and had pending penalties it will be applied as points deduction at the discretion of stewards.
    Probations are fulfilled when they are properly served and not season dependent. Time expiration will be at the discretion of stewards.
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