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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Whited View Post
    The white line that signifies the edge of track is the boundary, so two wheels in applies there. 4 wheels in the "cobblestones" is off track.
    Occasionally (if you don't "gain time") it will not give a track cut warning (or in case of practice/quali/warm up, it strips the lap time from you)

    Was just over at live racers a few moments ago, noticed it was in "race" session. That would be the reason session was closed.
    Matter of fact, it's still in race session, so I'll hop over there and fix that because I don't think Gilles can reset it by himself (though I thought we fixed it so a lone driver could do so)

    Try again in a few, I'll have it back to practice session then.
    You can reset it with one person in the server. Go to the voting screen and vote restart session. If everyone would please not let it sit in race session, vote to restart. That way other people can join the server. If you want to practice a race session please do it off line.
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    Ya I was in a Race session, I had been practicing for a while and no one came on so when it got to the Race session, I used it to do a full stint.

    I never thought it would block anyone. Sorry.

    As for the track limit, 4 wheels in the cobblestones while give you a Cut Track. Keeping the outside wheels on the track is ok but it's easy to end up all four wheels in the cobblestones if the rears start sliding and the car rotates and goes in.

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