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Thread: World Cup

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    Default World Cup

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    "Swole is the goal, size is the prize"...oh no...there's nothing homoerotic about that. Seriously, everyone knows there's nothing more manly than a bunch of half dressed, sweaty, roid raging men, in rompers, wearing nipple rings, pumping, grunting and slapping each other's asses...oh...wait...what!?!

    I know he is supposed to be funny,'s a little depressing to see so many hero worshipers of these fame seeking, illiterate youtubers. It makes me kinda sad, but I suppose the nihilist in me can always take solace in the fact that one day the sun will supernova!

    Now that's funny.
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    Given that I recently gave up watching the NFL (after forty and more years)...World Cup was actually interesting (besides-I was a goalie myself back in the day).

    It's the NFL that is depressing these days, and, like broadcaster Vin Scully: "I will never watch another NFL game."

    That league can fold up, pack up, roll up and f^^K itself all the way up...and die, as far as I'm concerned.
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