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Thread: Update on Damage Model

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    Default Update on Damage Model

    iRacing teased the new damage model last year with a short video of a car basically exploding parts. Then their was the short video and article about the method they were using to create the new damage model.

    Today, they released a 7 minute video that covers how, who and what is happening, and in the last 35 seconds they show the first WIP footage of a Skip Barber car hitting walls in different ways, and the damage that ensues.

    The key here, it's worth watching the entire 7 minute video, because it's really interesting to understand that they are doing this in a way that's very different from now, and frankly if I may say so, is the exact way that rFactor and rFactor2 have always done their damage modeling with a shape and anchor points, and values at which the pieces come off. The big difference from rF/rF2 is that they are also calculating how long the anchor point will remain, so you could drag pieces along the ground after an impact, hoods flapping, so the effects aren't canned, and they're not's quite awesome.

    Now as for when?

    This from Tony Gardner:

    The new damage model/system will not be in this build. (Nor was it ever planned to be.) However, we do plan on doing a fairly in-depth video about the model in the coming weeks after this build.

    One thing to note, we can't role it out just partially. It will replace the old model completely for every car. Point being that the model itself was a very big project, a true R&D project, but the art department and vehicle dynamics engineers also need to do some work for every car.

    It will be worth the effort. Thanks for your patience.
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    Amazing work, going to add a lot of immersion.
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