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Thread: An update....on me!

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    Default An update....on me!

    While not an attempt at being vain, I wanted to let many of you know what's going on with my life and a reason why I've been out of action when I'm typically very active on the boards.

    A few months ago, my wife and I decided we wanted to move closer to family in the NW part of the state, a relocation of 125 miles or so. Initially we were going to build a new house, but property availability has become the issue as well as the timing so we have forgone that and been house hunting without much success. While my wife will get to continue her job from home after the move, I will not and after working at only one place since leaving college almost 30 years ago, the search hasn't gone so well, not that I need it to happen right away.

    Why? Because the company I work for as a member of the IT department is relocating to a new building a month from now, and the idea of relocating not just 130+ employees and their equipment but also the data center and many other parts of the whole, over one weekend, is my primary focus at the moment leaving me with a strange schedule from day to day, and I don't want to leave before the move and leave my department-mates with the burden on their own.

    And then this past Friday morning, my son's second daughter was born (driving at 2:00 in the morning and missing the birth by 15 minutes, another reason we were moving), so now we will be making more trips to that area to help them if needed.

    So yeah, life has been complicated....

    As for the future, I'm just hoping I can get back to racing soon but I can't commit to doing anything more than part time, and I think it's already been said but as the NARS season wound down last year I made the point that someone would need to take over. And fortunately for CMS, Don Fryman kept the ball rolling with the Winter GT3 fun series, and Kyle House has taken the role as series admin for the upcoming season that's been the subject of many poll questions. Everyone that wants to race on Thursday nights and hasn't been a part of those poll questions really need to step up and leave some input in the poll.

    I'm really looking forward to everything settling down, being in a new place with family nearby, and getting back into racing as that's my escape when everything's really wound up....and of course, CMS is like a second home to me as I've been here since the beginning in 1999 with David and others. I have so many people here I consider good friends, and I hope in the near future will meet some of you in the real world at places like Sebring and Daytona, and also be a part of the endurance events in iRacing as well as the general leagues we run here.

    So here's to CMS and it's members....a community first, and a great place to race.
    Tim Collier

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    Good luck with everything Tim, and grats on you new granddaughter.
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    Grats grampa, don't make yourself a stress ulcer in the process, and good luck with the housing choice whatever it is!

    Edit: and let me know when you've got that Florida trip planned, and don't forget they run some sports cars down at Homestead as well! Would be an honor to host you two.

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    Don't fall out of the roller coaster Tim! See you when it slows down.
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    blue skies, jerry

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    Good to hear from you and get the update Tim. Hang in there and seems like overall things will be very positive as it all shakes out. Congrats on the new addition to the family!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimCollier View Post
    ...And then this past Friday morning, my son's second daughter was born (driving at 2:00 in the morning and missing the birth by 15 minutes, another reason we were moving), so now we will be making more trips to that area to help them if needed...
    Congrats on the new Grand Daughter!

    btw - Are we really getting that old.
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