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Thread: Russ Standage

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    Man, I just don't know what to say. Too damn many CMS members leaving us lately. The racin' Terrapins - the team name always made me smile. And they didn't act very turtle-like on the race track. I remember one race when Russ and I were both in P2s and I was trying to get around him. He just frustrated the heck out of me. He was simply not going to give up the position. Don't remember if I ever got past, but do remember he got my attention and respect for his driving.

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Russ and also to the Terrapin Racing team members.
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    This may be the hardest post I have ever written at CMS.

    Everything Eric has relayed is true. Let me add more detail and context from my perspective, mainly to get some of this weight off my heavy heart.

    As Eric noted, I got to know Russ in early 2009. We were sim racing addicts back then, meeting online multiple days a week for sometimes hours at a go. All the time, we were chatting on voice chat. I learned about our shared military background, him AF and me Army. Like vets do, we gave each other lots of good ribbing about that. He also told me about his Porsche 911 and HPDE's. He would compare what he was seeing and feeling in the sim to what he would feel and see on real tracks. Then one day he asked me to come up to Nebraska to do a HPDE. I explained that at the time I did not have a suitable car. No problem, Russ said, fly to Nebraska and you can co-drive my 911 Holy cow, that is not an offer you turn down!

    I flew up to Nebraska and drove his 911. WOW. I then wrote this blog post. Excuse the lack of photos as our file host has changed.

    I came back to Texas and within a couple of months had a HPDE capable car (MINI Cooper). This lead to many track days and autox, and I was able to hook David Anderson into these events with a similar offer of "just drive my car" like Russ gave me.

    Russ, Eric, and I kept racing, eventually forming Terrapin racing in honor of Russ' turtle mascot he had on his helmet. He sold me that helmet, and I kept the turtle logo going for a few more years. The helmet is now retired, but is covered with event stickers from our combined usage.

    Fast forward a couple of years, and I had just purchased a Miata. Russ had sold the 911 and bought a Boxster. Russ and Eric had also gotten into working grid at tracks in their area, so a plan was cooked up. I'd roadtrip to Nebraska where they were working a historics race weekend at Hastings. I got to help a bit with grid, see all the cool cars, and one night after the racing we took the Boxster and Miata out on track for some lead-follow. Great fun was had!

    A couple of years later, and David and I went to Lincoln for SCCA Solo Nationals. Russ came out and visited and toured the paddock with us.

    Fast forward to this spring. Russ let me know he was sick, and he wanted to sell me his Boxster. He wanted it to go to, as he said, "an enthusiast who would take care of it and have fun with it." Of course I said yes, but I was also pained by Russ' illness. We talked alot in the following weeks, and then in late June I drove up to Nebraska with my son Colin to visit Russ and get the Boxster. We spent a couple of days with Russ, talking about cars and catching up.

    So today I found out Russ had passed. I am floored right now. I am glad his illness is over, but I will miss chatting with him and racing with him.
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    Touching post Phil. I know you were very fond of Russ and him of you. I am sure there is a huge smile on Russ face that the Boxster is in your hands. I can't think of a better place for it to be. Thanks for sharing this.
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