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Thread: Gauging Interest - Coffee Cup League

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    Default Gauging Interest - Coffee Cup League

    I would be interested if there are CMS members that would be interested or find it convenient for what I call a Coffee Cup league. Races that are run Early Morning USA times, likely on a Saturday or Sunday before the busy day gets started. These races would have a double benefit of being available to Euro Members as well in their afternoons.

    sim platform, cars, etc. all up for discussion later, more interested right now if there would be any interest.

    if you would be interested say so here, and also list what sims, (games) you have or would be willing to run in order or preference.
    example, iRacing, AC, rFactor2, etc.
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    Matt Horst is offline Established Member
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    I kinda like racing in the morning as long as it's not too early,say no earlier than 8:00 am.I think you would have to make it at least 10:00 am eastern time so the west coast guys can make it without getting up at an unreasonable hour.

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    Interesting idea, actually. For me it would be both a "late-late night league" and "Coffee cup league*," as sleep (or lack thereof) and my sleep patterns are both constantly in play. This morning, for example, I was wide awake and out watching the sunrise even before 5 MST.... Would have been in this thread earlier, except I only jumped on the PC a few minutes ago.

    [* figure that as about 40% late night and 60% early hours in my case]

    Since EU peeps would be perhaps even more likely to participate (admitted: This is mere speculation until they wade in), I would imagine a series/sim/tracks with more of an EU flavor might tweak their interest, which would be fine with me. Blancpain, for example.

    Rf1, Rf2, AC (no preference between the three),...even AMS would be fine with me. Or even Rally.
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    Nice! I'd be interested. Saturday and Sunday both good for me and I'm usually logging laps somewhere in the weekend mornings anyways.

    It might get some Euro members involved, but early morning (8-10 am EST, or even CST) is basically the middle of the day for those guys. Generally, I see the most Euro participation in races that are around mid day in the states, making it about 8-9pm GMT.
    ...but, given it's weekends we are discussing, it might work.

    Sims, in order of preference: AC (lots of various, quality content. Ease of use is nice. It's for sure my pick up and race sim these days) AMS (lacks the amount of content, but there is still quality stuff out there and the stock content is great. In terms of feel it's top of line for me. But, lack of VR support excludes those guys, so that's probably a no go when trying to get a variety of drivers in here)
    rF2, rounding out the top 3.

    So yeah, if it happens, I'm game.

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    Jason, you would race anything, anywhere, anytime!
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    -See You On Track!

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    Ohhh yeah! It would definitely be nice with some joint EU/US racing again!!!!

    Sims: AC or rF2.
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    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

    Tom Walkinshaw: "When black goes to green, you are in troubles..."

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    ZigZag03 is offline Mark Ruggiero
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    David I for one would enjoy morning racing. Part (but only part) of my problems with performance in the night leagues is that I simply am not able to be awake enough, never mind sharp, at a race that starts after 10pm on a weeknight. Summer makes it worse.
    That said, I don't think I'm going to run in any series here until I have brought up my skill level in regards to driving in traffic. To that end I am going back to the iRacing rookie series and just run there until I get it right and can advance beyond. I hate ruining other peoples' races with my mistakes. Although everyone here is a gentleman (and at least one gentlewoman) I always race with it in the back of my mind. Clearly a me problem, so I'll go be a rookie and learn.
    Hope you get a turnout.
    Mark Ruggiero
    DiamondDog/Red Dwarf Racing

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    Most likely to participate in this in a leisurely way.

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    I'd be interested in some more casual races. AC or rF2 would do it for me. Also have AMS but since it has no VR I rarely use it.
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    I could go for some Saturday morning racing. 8am Pacific time. RF2 would be my choice. Not real crazy about AMS and don't have AC.
    Scott Beck
    Rothmans Racing

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