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Thread: 3D Modeling

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    Quote Originally Posted by faspit View Post
    i'm am old Autocad user from version 3.16... lol.
    I use DraftSight (solidworks 2D), to make my base sketch, then import it into Fusion 360 to make my 3D models. The advantage of Fusion 360 is it will output your model for your 3D printer slicer to convert it to your 3D printer.
    I designed a complete cut and stacking station using Fusion 360, took me longer to get the feel for it than to make my design.
    I use DesignCAD 2D to make sketches for importing, but I started with DraftSight.

    I wish I had a 3D printer. The price keeps going down, but unless I was starting a small business, or making a great many parts it would be hard to justify the cost.
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    Actually you can pick up a 3D printer for under $200 usd with around a 12" x 12" x 10" build area. The ones that are more geared towards what you want to do are closer to the $500 usd range. I am building my own, being a former machine builder and designer I figure it shouldn't take me that long, lol. I actually bought a LPKF Promat 92S that is a cnc prototype circuit board machine, it drills and mills 1 or 2 sided circuit boards. It uses a floating "Z" axis head and the tool depth is set from the flat of the floating head that rides on the surface. I have done some engraving with it. The machine software only runs off of Windows 98(not 98SE) so time to toss the controller for an Arduino , Modify the "Z" axis to be motor controled and with more height, has about 2" now want 6" cutting height. Then I can toss the Windows 98 machine finally. Was going to turn this into a mill/router/3D printer,, all I would need to do is swap the heads.
    Like I need more projects right.
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