• Humberto's Track Day at Sebring

    Whats up everybody, first time posting something not related to Sim Racing and rather real racing.

    So last Sunday I went to sebring for the very first time, i have been at homestead and at PBIR many times before but this was about to be my best track day experience ever (so far). Just so you guys have some info on what im driving its 14’ 991 GT3 with exhaust and Michelin Cup 2s. So loaded up the car in a trailer the day before and couldn’t find rooms available at the hotel near the track so had to wake up at 5am and drove 2 hours north to Sebring.

    Go there right on time for drivers briefing and signed up to the intermediate group although I could have signed for the advanced group I went for the intermediate group which is with nos instructors but you have to do point by for passing.

    First time around I did just 2 laps to know the track, like I said before I had never been here before other than sim racing and my first impressions where OMG its wide, the track felt 10 times wider than iRacing at some parts like turn 5 where you hard brake and do that little chicane but also it has now wider pianos so that could have made the difference. So I just did 2 laps because i took to long to unload the car and my sessions was over before i could go hard.

    2nd session was up and I took my first passenger a friend that recently sold his gt3 to get the new one that is coming out in a few months, so there we are he filmed the first slow warmup lap but then I told him to put his phone away and enjoy the ride. We did like 5 fast laps with the fastest being a 2.29.3 clocked with Harrys Lap timer with GPS, at the beginning I was lost didn’t know if it was fast or slow so when the advanced group went on track I timed a few guys and guess what they all were on the 2:30-33 times so it seemed I was doing ok considering i have street tires and most of the other guys had slicks and semi slicks.

    3rd sessions was a mess the sun hide as clouds came and yes as soon as i got into my car with another friend it started raining and it rained hard, so couldn’t do 1 lap before the whole track was impossible to drive. Head back to the pits and waited until it stopped raining, once it stopped there was red flag because there were water puddles everywhere, so they sent a whole crew of track vehicles to lap around throwing the water away and drying up the track. 30 minutes later it was dry-ish.

    4th and last session, took the friend who couldnt do a lap and scared the hell out of him, managed a 2.28 but again the last lap of my session it started pouring again but fortunately i had already enjoyed my day as well as my friends.

    Here are some of the pics of the day and one video.

    If you guys like this I could take more photos for my next track days, i usually track all my cars not only the porsche.


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    1. Jay Dargert's Avatar
      Jay Dargert -
      Pretty cool my friend.
    1. Jay Dargert's Avatar
      Jay Dargert -
      what other cars do you have?
    1. HumbertoR's Avatar
      HumbertoR -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jay Dargert View Post
      what other cars do you have?
      Thanks Jay!.

      I have a VW GTI completely stock and Ford Raptor the new one,

      My brother has an Alfa Romeo 4C and A fiat 500 abarth he never tracks his cars but I do so sometimes i get to track his cars, and I do have videos in my channel if you are curious about them.
    1. Anthony James's Avatar
      Anthony James -
      Sweet! enjoy the ride.
    1. HumbertoR's Avatar
      HumbertoR -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony James View Post
      Sweet! enjoy the ride.
      Thank! Hope to see you ontrack too.

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