• Time Trial: May - Automobilista, Lancer EVO @ Buskerud

    First of all, apologies that I'm a bit later with announcing this round.

    This month we will be doing something a little differrent. We will be checking out the latest update of Automobilista (V1.5)
    This update has added a bunch of new content to do with Drifting and Rallycross. We're taking the Lancer Evo Rallycross to the frozen Buskerud ice track which means this won't be your average hotlap challenge.
    Slide the car around as fast as you can and make sure to stay out of the snowbanks!

    The leaderboards can be found this page: Virtual Xperience Portal

    How to make your time show up in the leaderboards:
    1. In the main menu, select the Dirt series
    2. With the dirt series selected, press time trail at the bottom of the menu
    3. Choose the car (Lancer Evo) and the track (Buskerud Ice)
    4. Start lapping and your times will show up

    When you have set a time on the leaderboard please post in this thread your time/position so we can keep track of it.
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