• Singapore by night...

    Paulo Martins shines brightly under the moon light!

    The CMS World Lemans series teams all had a case of the jitters due to a last moment change of venue, the result of a dispute between the track promoters at Catalunya and CMS officials in which Catalunya officials failed to meet CMS requirements of garage stall specs. However being the utmost professionals they are, the CMS World Lemans teams quickly shrugged this off, adjusted their travel arraignments and got down to the business of coming to "grips" with the slippery surface of the Singapore street circuit.

    In LMP1 CMS rookie Ricardo Azevedo looked very much the man to beat by grabbing pole, fast lap, and most laps led, however a late race mishap handed the lead over to another CMS rookie, Paulo Martins who would hang on and take LMP1 and the overall victory. Ricardo would have to settle for 2nd followed home by Scott Clark in 3rd.

    In LMP2 the real battle was in qually. Team Espresso driver Brian Farmer and Val Hoggard Racing's Tony Smith were separated by a mere .060 of a sec until the final sec of qually when Farmer got a nice clear lap and snatched it away grabbing the LMP2 pole. Farmerís satisfaction would be short lived as his hopes for victory were over before the apex of turn 1. Farmer attempted to recover, calm himself, and put his head down and work his way thru the field, but would ultimately have to settle for 2nd. Former LMP1 driver Vinicius Goncalves in his 1st race since switching to LMP2 went on to take the win, and Team Espresso driver Steen Nielsen finished a solid 3rd adding to his already healthy points lead over the rest if the LMP2 field.

    In LMPC it was Fitz Racing's Wayne Fitzgerald who demonstrated his considerable street racing skills by taking the victory followed in 2nd by another street racing ace, Miskatonic Motorsports Paul Hamilton, with CMS rookie Piero Favretti hanging on for a fine 3rd in what looked to be a very tough race.

    No surprises in GT1 as Kroenert Motorsports Frank Sumfleth continued his dominance of the GT1 class, and in spite of having to take evasive action on lap one turn one, went on to take another solid victory followed home by Team Cartop's Michael Mortensen in 2nd, and CMS rookie John Sportelli in 3rd.

    In GT2 it was Kroenert Motorsports Andre Kroenert who would take the top spot in GT2 with CMS rookie Andy Hopkins taking 2nd, and CMS rookie Peter Clausen finishing 3rd.

    Hats off to the CMS World Lemans series drivers for an impressive performance. Given the extreme difficult nature of this circuit, and lack of time to prepare the attrition rate for this event was much lower than many of our wide open road courses!


    The next event in the CMS 2012 S1 World division will be at Adelaide on Sunday 04/15/2012!

    Drivers unhappy with events that occurred in the race are reminded of the CMS Forum Etiquette rules and the Race Incident Protest Procedures.