• Round 8 CMS Time Trials and e-Sports Boxer me in at Brazil ends 1/9/2018

    I am happy to announce the final round of the 2017 CMS Time Trial Championship!!!! We will be using Automobilista and the Boxer Porsche Cup car! Your challenge this round will be to use any of the Boxer liveries and turn your best lap at Interlagos (Brazil) 2015 layout. This is an amazing car, and an amazing track for these cars!

    You have until end of day on January 9th, 2018 to get your lap time posted!
    This is the final round and there are several key positional battles in the Championship up for grabs.
    Remember your best 6 events, count as everyone gets the luxury of dropping your worst 2 in the final standings

    We will be using the following ongoing leaderboard
    Virtual Xperience Portal

    This is the way it works with Automobilista

    Launch the game, and select the Boxer Cup Porsche Car.
    Then click on Time Trial
    Choose the Track and start lapping!
    your time will be automatically added to the leaderboard.

    Important note for this round. Automobilista displays your Steam name in the leaderboard, and I don't know everyone's steam name, so please as you post a lap or improve a lap share it here with your Name, Ranking position and the laptime and I will go validate it. If you improve it please update it in this thread. The accountability will be on every driver to post here so I don't miss anyone.

    Last but not least, if we get 15 drivers in the contest I will host a bonus race on this track/sim for extra points!!!
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