• NARS Holiday Fun Series with the rFactor 2 GT3 Power Pack

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Let's Race! For next next 6 weeks we will have some Thursday Night Fun races using the rFactor 2 GT3 Power Pack and various tracks while we try to figure out the next NARS season.
    With the holidays going on I know everyone is going to be busy so we will do a short 45 minute race and will be using default setups, also with no points to worry about this should be a "show up and run" type of event.
    While these are Fun races and NOT free-for-alls we expect you to abide by all the standard CMS rules and regulations

    We will use our standard Thursday night schedule.
    All content is from the Steam workshop so as long as you have subscribed to the content no other files will be needed (mod file will automatically install when entering the server as long your have subscribed to the content)
    No mandatory pit stops
    Default setups
    Standing start.

    Practice: 5:30pm Central Time - 165 Minutes
    Qualify: 8:15pm Central Time - 10 Minute Private Qualifying - Unlimited Laps
    Warmup: 8:25pm Central Time - 5 Minute Warmup
    Race: 8:30pm Central Time - 45 Minutes

    Dec 21 - SaoPaulo 2013
    Dec 28 - Phillip Island v0.65
    Jan 04 - Zandvoort 2017
    Jan 11 - Istanbul Park v1.3
    Jan 18 - Zolder 2016 dx11 v1.1
    Jan 25 - Circuito de Jerez v1.26

    Custom skins are welcome and the server is set to share custom skins.
    We are going to try to set up something to make custom skins found around the internet available if you would like to run a custom skin but don't want to make your own.
    Sao Paulo is running on the server so let's have some fun!!
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