• My Adventure at the SCCA 2017 Texas CAM Challenge Muscle Car Bracket!

    This past weekend I had a really cool experience I wanted to share. SCCA has started a series called the CAM Challenge, which stands for Classic American Muscle Challenge. It is aimed at bringing more folks into the SCCA racing world, especially from Optima Street Car, Club Meets, Good Guys and other places that attract enthusiasts from muscle cars from past and present. They host a 4 race series throughout the USA with a big invitational ending in Lincoln, Nebraska each Fall. We were lucky to have one of those 4 events here in Texas, after California hosted the first one. The next one after us will be in Illinois. They are run like really professional national style events with good media coverage and lots of sponsors, prizes, and trophies.

    As some of you know I am a small car, hot hatch specialist, normally driving Mini's and Miatas lol. Well, I had a friend reach out to me and offer me a ride in his 2015 Chevrolet SS, pictured here.

    We were the only full bodied car in the CAM-C contemporary class, against a field of about 30 modern day (1990+) Camaros and Mustangs. We were heavy, at 4000 lbs + with driver in the car, but we were ready for anything.

    The way the event works is on Saturday they have a class competition, between the 3 classes. CAM-T runs the older cars from the 60's and 70's. CAM Sport is the under 3000 lb Corvettes and sport cars. All American made. The CAM-C class is above 3000 lbs and where we would run. A total of about 90 drivers were at the event.

    So on day one my buddy Taylor Burnidge (car owner) put the car in 12th place, out of the field of 30, a very salty run in class competition that aggregated morning and afternoon runs. I was down in 20th as I was really adjusting to the car on the fly. By end of day Saturday, I was getting more comfortable and Taylor was pretty quick. We beat a bunch of cars that were lighter than us about 600-800 lbs or more and we had a great day.

    On Sunday morning things reset and we spent the morning qualifying for what would be head to head bracket style elimination runs in the afternoon. Unfortunately for Taylor he coned away the first run, and had some pressure to get a clean run on the 2nd run. So, on his 3rd money run he pushed a bit hard and made a mistake and missed the challenge. He would finish in 19th in qualifying, and his best time for the weekend was still on Saturay class competition, but he drove great overall, and beat a lot of cars.

    Myself, would continue getting better each run in the car, and I ran my fastest times of the weekend in Saturday qualifying, getting down to a range that would allow me to qualify in 13th of 16 in the challenge. We were pumped to put this big full bodied car in the challenge bracket. So in the challenge bracket, yes I was knocked out in the first round, but not after taking another full second off our time and getting us down to a time that would have been top 10 worthy.

    Here is a video

    And some more information if you have a muscle car and want to get involved!


    Results and Brackets from Texas CAM Challenge 2017

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    1. jham's Avatar
      jham -
      Way to go Davidan!

      What's the racing data/track program that's in the video? Do you have a cockpit display you can see during the run?
    1. davidan's Avatar
      davidan -
      Jerry, the program is called Solo Storm, it's a great telemetry application specifically for SCCA Solo, Autocross runs. We had the camera mounted to the windshield, but often we mount inside the cockpit. I can show different telemetry gauges and stuff though on the video output. Ringing this car around that circuit was awesome. The video doesn't do justice on the sensation in the car of the G's, etc.
    1. Phil E's Avatar
      Phil E -
      Dang that car drives differently than a Miata...HEAVY METAL!
    1. davidan's Avatar
      davidan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Phil E View Post
      Dang that car drives differently than a Miata...HEAVY METAL!
      Indeed! A different animal for sure, took me a day to get used to the damn thing
    1. ubiquitous_they's Avatar
      ubiquitous_they -
      Awesome! Looks like it's rocking a Holden badge on the grille, too!!!
    1. davidan's Avatar
      davidan -
      Quote Originally Posted by ubiquitous_they View Post
      Awesome! Looks like it's rocking a Holden badge on the grille, too!!!
      It is lol, the owner of the car has converted it appearance wise to look like it's Aussie V8 counterpart!