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    A littler explanation on LeoFFB. Leo is a "rewrite the steering FFB effects from scratch based on more or less accurate Pacejka curve fit for Mz (self-aligning torque)."
    It's Leo as in Leo Bodnar Electronics Ltd.

    Unless you like fiddling around with config files, using RealFeel alone is probably better. Why ?

    First, Realfeel is available in 3 version; and the latest version (both 107,008 bytes) Both include a part of Leo's feedback. The "parking lot" effect. Running the Leo plugin on top of one of those RealFeel version will give mixed results.
    With LeoFFB, I had a good feeling with the previous version of Realfeel, 0.92 (122,880 bytes), as it does not include any of Leo's code. It's would be the way to go.
    To use LeoFFB, you must first find Realfeel v0.92.

    To find which version of realfeel you have, right clicking the Plugins\RealFeelPlugin.dll file, choose Properties and then the Details tab to see which version it is. If the File Version field is empty, it's 0.92 or earlier.

    Second, to work well with a specific mod, the LeoFFB.ini file must be adjusted to the car you're going to drive:

    15.0    Front Wheel lock angle, degrees (max deflection to one side from straight on)
    0.835    Front wheel distance to centerline (half the front wheel track) in meters, from .pm file
    1.315    Front axle distance to body reference point (about half the wheel base) in meters, from .pm file
    1.2     Relative strength of FFB effects
    9.0    Aligning moment curve shape / feeling of tire losing grip. Lower numbers are duller, range 1.0 .. 10
    0.99    Negative aligning moment parameter for high slip angles, range 0.0 ... 1.0
    9.792783580649303    Slip angle where aligning moment reverses direction - typically between 8 and 15 degrees
    0.17453292499999998    Caster (dimetionless)
    1.3333333333333333    Camber ratio (not degrees!)
    1.0    Road bumps feeling on the wheel
    11500.0    Maximum FFB force for stationary and low speed effects
    10.0    Stiffness of stationary wheels
    1.5    Wheel rubber hardness (1..5)
    8.0    How quickly static forces drop off when rolling
    One of the values, "Camber Ratio", Front to Rear ratio, looks like this:
    For the VGTP C6: FrtCamber 2.4 / RrCamber 2.0 = 6:5 = 6 divided by 5 = 1.2
    If you change the camber while practicing, you have to quit rFactor, edit the ini file and restart the game... or at least remember to readjust it before next time.

    Now for the "Slip angle where aligning moment reverses direction"... Tcho that!

    To the rescue comes "Leo's FFB Tuner". A little app that figures all of those value for you. That is, if in the app's settings, you put a check mark in the "Read Caster / Camber values from .SVM files" box. Then for each of the three button at the top of the app, you navigate to the .PM, to the .TBC and to the .SVM files in the folder of the car you're driving in that mod... for every mod you run.
    Personally, even with my Multiple Installs setup... I gave up! The Tuner made it super easy but I found it tiresome and I'm prone to mistakes.

    Sure! One can use it with the default values but there are some differences between a slim Formula Ford and an "phat" L88 corvette. Your millage will certainly vary.

    rfactorcentral.com Leo'sFFB plugin

    rfactorcentral.com LeoFFB Tuner
    LeoFFB Tuner is a Java app, it need Java Runtimes to run (JRE).

    There is another apps called LeoFFB Editor but I can't find any links for it and this one needs Microsoft Access Runtimes.


    Ooops! Forgot: Unless you lower the RealFeellMix (FFBMixerRealFeelPercent in the RealFeelPlugin.ini) you will not feel any of Leo's feedback.

    More info here... even if the pics are gone, the explanations are a must.

    ISI use to be run by good people. Now a days... I really don't know. Seriously... remove years of accumulated knowledge... erase a whole forum with thousands of threads. ISI

    With broken picture links, the same info is also available on NGR and RD:
    nogripracing.com showthread.php?t=242549
    racedepartment.com rfactor-better-ffb-tutorial.24307/

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