• Introducing Champion Trucking Please join our Team/Fleet - Game Thread

    I am pleased to announce and add a new fun thing for CMS members. If you own, play or desire to get involved with American Truck Simulator on Steam, this is for you. I have created a company for us here at CMS on "Virtual Trucking Manager" the company is named Champion Trucking.

    Things are very early and I will be fleshing out our goals, rules, etc.-- but we are open for business and members can apply to join our team. Some important things will need to be done such as establish our management structure, etc. -- but for now we can start driving.

    It's real simple, here is how it works

    1. Own American Truck Simulator on Steam
    2. Visit Virtual Trucking Manager and download and install their plugin
    3. Join our company (I will approve)

    4. Start driving, just make sure when you drive within ATS that you have the VTM Live app running in the background, it's that easy.

    We will have some events, contests, and leaderboards where we measure things like who gets the best fuel consumption, who logs the most miles, makes the most profit, etc.

    We have one and only one goal -- HAVE FUN!

    You can truck day or night, just join up!!!

    Also for any of you more experienced than me that would be interested, I would like to come up with some Champion Trucking liveries, paint jobs for the trucks!!!

    Also, why did I choose ATS instead of the Euro Version? Well, CMS is based in the USA, that's why. However, I know we have plenty of Euro Drivers and I will be happy and excited to start a chapter for Euro Drivers if there is interest, just let me know ... ...

    We will use this thread primarily for all aspects of the company!

    Have Fun
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