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    I needed to bolt my new pedals down so they wouldn't move around and there really wasn't any way to mount them on my Obutto rig that would stop the flexing so I built a 2x6 base to put the cockpit on and then mounted the pedals to the base. This base would work for pretty well any type of rig, just adjust the measurements to fit yours

    My base is 64"x 24" with a 3/4" piece of plywood on the top. So your shopping list will be the following:

    2 2x6 cut to 64" each
    3 2x6 cut to 21" each
    1 3/4" plywood cut to 24"x64"
    Most places will cut your stuff for free or a couple of bucks

    Hardware needed:
    6 1 1/4" rigid straps (found in the plumbing section, these will be used to bolt down the cockpit to the base so it doesn't move around on you
    A box to 2 1/2: wood screws to screw the base together with.
    12 bolts the size of the mounting holes in the rigid straps (sorry I can't remember the size)
    12 T-Nuts the size to fit the bolts you use on the rigid straps.
    4 1/4"x 1 1/2" bolts (for bolting the pedal base to the cockpit base)
    4 1/4" T-Nuts to use with the 1/4"x1 1/2" bolts
    Enough peel and stick carpet to cover the top of the plywood
    Painters tape used to put down on the top of the base to mark were you want to drill the holes for the pedals
    Sharpy felt tip pen to mark were to drill for the pedal base
    Power drill, bits, and a socket set

    And if you feel like you're going to want to move this around you can also add locking wheels to each corner of the base.

    Use the wood screws to screw the base together using the shorter pieces of 2x6 for both ends and one in the middle of the base. Then screw the plywood to the top, (Don't go cheap on a thinner piece of plywood, make sure to use at least 3/4")

    Peel and stick the carpet to the top of the plywood and trim it.

    Put your Obutto cockpit on top of the base, adjust until it's were you like it and then bolt it to the base using the rigid straps, the bolts and T-Nuts. I did one strap in each corner and 1 on either side in the middle

    Put some strips of painters tape down in the area that you plan to bolt the pedals to

    Put the pedals down in the cockpit and test fit them until you find a position you want them in, then use the Sharpy to mark were you want to drill the holes for the pedal base

    Drill the pedal base holes, remove the painters tape and mount the pedals base using the 1/4"x1 1/2" bolts and the T-Nuts.

    This base has 2 advantages, it mounts your pedals firmly and it makes it easier to get in and out of your rig

    Here are a couple of pictures of the base and my new Heusinkveld Pro 3 pedals. I'll get around to painting the base one of these days.

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